AOPS and Regulars

Proxi ------- `Patti

Birthday---November 21, Twentieth Century
Hometown---Cato, New York
Real First Name---Patti
Hobbies---Gambling, Camping, Cooking
Occupation---Retired Bar-Maid
Favorite Food---Seafood
Favorite Fast Food---KFC
Favorite TV Show---Movies, Prince of Bel Aire
Favorite Music---Country, Mariah, Classic Rock
Favorite Wrestler---Macho Man
Favorite Female Wrestler---Jackie
Favorite Saying---Pick myself up, dust myself off, start all over again!

(On and Off!!)

Birthday--- December 20, 1977
Hometown---PittsBurgh PA (Temporily living in Kuwait)
Real First Name---Shawn
Hobbies---BasketBall, Computer Games, movies
Occupation---Computer Engineer
Favorite Food---T-Bone Steak
Favorite Fast Food---Double whopper or a Swiss Mushroom Burger
Favorite TV Show---The Simpsons
Favorite Music--- Everything but Heavy Metal And Country Music
Favorite Wrestler---Stone Cold Steve Austin
Favorite Female Wrestler---(Not A Wrestler, Just Female) Proxi
Favorite Saying--- To Be.... Or Not To Be.... Who Really Gives A Rat's Ass?!

He is AWOL

Birthday---January 7, 1983
Hometown---Tampa, Florida
Real First Name---Yousef
Hobbies--- computer, basketball, study history
Occupation---College Student
Favorite Food---Zar'tar
Favorite Fast Food---Taco Bell
Favorite TV Show---Simpsons
Favorite Music---Rock
Favorite Wrestler---Ricky Steamboat
Favorite Female Wrestler---Kimberly Page
Favorite Saying--- "the truth hurts since you cant handle it"

We have lost our Ubas:(

Birthday---September 24, 1970
Hometown--- Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Real First Name---Chris
Hobbies--- lifting weights and drinking
Occupation---fork lift driver
Favorite Food---lasagna
Favorite Fast Food---Taco Bell
Favorite TV Show---Simpsons
Favorite Music---hard rock and metal
Favorite Wrestler---Ric Flair
Favorite Female Wrestler---Ric Flair
Favorite Saying---Whooooo (as in Ric Flair)

Our Favorite Brit

Birthday---December 30, 1987
Real First Name---Alex
Hobbies--- Snooker,Pool,Internet,Watch Wrestling,Read Wrestlers autobiographies, Playstation
Favorite Food---Chicken Tikka Masala (Indian)
Favorite Fast Food---McDonalds Quarter Pounder Cheese Meal
Favorite TV Show---Only Fool and Horses
Favorite Music---Eminem-The Real Slim Shady
Favorite Wrestler---Hulk Hogan, Sabu, Dan Severn, British bulldog
Favorite Female Wrestler---Lita and Major Gunns
Favorite Saying---It'll be alright

(Proxi's Bodyguard)

Birthday---May 28, 1980
Hometown---Hancock, Maryland
Real First Name---Jason
Hobbies--- Watching Wrestling, Racing and Football
Occupation---Independant Business Owner, and all around Smart Ass
Favorite Food---Pizza
Favorite Fast Food---McDonalds Chicken Nuggets
Favorite TV Show---Monday Night Raw
Favorite Music---Garth Brooks and Kid Rock
Favorite Wrestler---Mick Foley and Stone Cold Steve Austin
Favorite Female Wrestler---Lita
Favorite Saying--- How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

The channel brat!!
Never happy, always insulting me, but, still here
She keeps pickin on me, i shall put her pic up here:)

Birthday---September 21, 1983
Hometown---Kansas city, Kansas
Real First Name---Heather
Hobbies---journalism, writing, shopping
Favorite Food--- macaroni n cheese
Favorite Fast Food--- mcdonalds french fries
Favorite TV Show---Roseanne
Favorite Music--- alternative, rock
Favorite Wrestler---Undertaker
Favorite Female Wrestler---None
Favorite Saying--- You cant always get what you want, but if you try sometime, you just might find, you get what you need

(The Enforcer)

Birthday--- April 11, 1971
Hometown---Kelowna, B.C. , Canada
Hobbies--- Irc, Video Games, Weightlifting, Movies, Wrestling, Reading
Occupation---Meat Dept. of large grocery store chain
Favorite Food---Pizza
Favorite Fast Food---Nacho Platters
Favorite TV Show---Are You being Served?
Favorite Music--- 80's Rock
Favorite Wrestler---Razor Ramon
Favorite Female Wrestler---Major Gunns
Favorite Saying--- Appreciating good music is good for one's inner soul.

Former aop

Birthday--- October 22, 1984
Hometown--- East Kilbride, Scotland
Real First Name---Darren
Hobbies--- Wrestling, Internet, PS2!!!!! Socialising, Movies
Occupation--- P/T Cinema Worker
Favorite Food--- Chicken
Favorite Fast Food---Burger King's Cajun Chicken Wrap
Favorite TV Show---The Simpsons OR Futurama
Favorite Music--- Lasgo
Favorite Wrestler---Brock Lesnar
Favorite Female Wrestler---Molly Holly
Favorite Saying---"Fugu Me"

An "Old"timer has returned to us:)

Birthday---October 31, 1978
Hometown---Bluefield, WV
Real First Name---Jason
Hobbies--- webpage, games
Occupation---Nash Finch
Favorite Food---lasagna
Favorite Fast Food---Wendy's
Favorite TV Show---Wrestling and movies
Favorite Music---Anything but country
Favorite Wrestler---Triple H
Favorite Female Wrestler---Trish
Favorite Saying---"It takes a minute to have a crush on someone, an hour to like someone and a day to love someone, but it takes a lifetime to forget someone."

Proxi's "Manager"

Birthday---July 7, 1981
Hometown---Gallatin, Missouri
Hobbies---Politics, Partying, Chasing Women
Occupation---Academic Computer and Computing Services
Favorite Food---Pizza
Favorite Fast Food---Wendy's Frostys
Favorite TV Show---Space Ghost Coast to Coast
Favorite Music---Hip Hop/Rap
Favorite Wrestler---Scott Hall and Jerry Lawler
Favorite Female Wrestler---Sunny
Favorite Saying---"Keepin it Real"

Another "Original" (Proxi's friend, on and off:)

Birthday---June 15th, 1978
Hometown---Buxton, ME
Hobbies---Enjoying Life, Chess, Weight Lifting, Poetry, Martial Arts, Computers, Piano, Being Artistic, Occult, Voodoo, Black Magic, Climbing, Wrestling
Occupation---Computer Systems Technician
Favorite Food---Italian
Favorite Fast Food---Arby's Beef and Cheddar
Favorite TV Show--- WWF Raw
Favorite Music---Bit of everything, but can only stand SOME country (Favorite Band: Disturbed)
Favorite Wrestler--- StoneCold Steve Austin
Favorite Female Wrestler---Lita
Favorite Saying--- Life's short, play hard, and live large... don't sweat tomorrow, while today's at your feet... I cross each bridge as it comes, and then burn it to the ground when it's passed...

Kewler Than Kewl Old Dear Friend

Birthday---December 14, 1976
Hometown---Blockhouse, Nova Scotia, Canada
Real First Name---Dave
Hobbies---Computers/Internet, Web Designing, Video Games, Wrestling, E-Feds, Movies.
Occupation---Web Designer
Favorite Food---Pizza
Favorite Fast Food---Bacon Double Cheese Burger
Favorite TV Show---Seinfeld or The Simpsons
Favorite Music---Brittney "Big B" Spears
Favorite Wrestler---Bret Hart, Triple H, Edge & Christian
Favorite Female Wrestler---Chyna
Favorite Saying---#WWF_RAW on dal.net is WAR!

A "Sane" brit (very unusual, only got 2)

Birthday---August 27, 1980
Hometown---Crediton, Devon, UK
Hobbies---computer games, drinking:) Eating, playing saxophone
Favorite Food---Steak, Roast anything that moves(mostly;)
Favorite Fast Food---Pizza Hut
Favorite TV Show---StarTrek, Simpsons, Friends
Favorite Music--- Louis Armstrong: "What a wonderful world"
Favorite Wrestler---SCSA
Favorite Female Wrestler---Lita
Favorite Saying--- "shoot for the moon, for if you miss you will fall among the stars"

Channel's First Columnist

Birthday---April 23, 1980
Hometown---Karachi, Pakistan
Real First Name---Zaid
Hobbies---music, singing, wwf
Favorite Food---Chicken
Favorite Fast Food---Macd's Chickenburger
Favorite TV Show---Columbo
Favorite Music---Ronan Keating, Gary Barlow, Ricky Martin and Elton John
Favorite Wrestler---Undertaker
Favorite Female Wrestler---Sable
Favorite Saying---"be good with others on your way up cause they will be good with you on your way down"

Channel Clown

Birthday---July 7, 1981
Hometown---Madison, Indiana
Real First Name---Jason
Hobbies--- Concerts, Bingo
Occupation---I own Kmart
Favorite Food---Grilled Tenderloin
Favorite Fast Food---Double Bacon Cheeseburger with Tomato and Mayo from Burger King
Favorite TV Show---Millionaire, Will and Grace, and Boston Public
Favorite Music---REBA!!!!!!!!! Tina Turner
Favorite Wrestler---Triple H
Favorite Female Wrestler---Ivory
Favorite Saying--- "Everything happens for a reason!"

One of the Originals

Birthday---July 24th, 1975
Hometown--- Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Real First Name---Chris
Hobbies--- Women, computers, wrestling, sports
Occupation---Security Guard
Favorite Food---Seafood, Spaghetti
Favorite Fast Food---Harveys and Burger King
Favorite TV Show--- WWF Raw is War and Simpsons
Favorite Music---Dr Dre
Favorite Wrestler---Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock
Favorite Female Wrestler---Chyna

Channel Flirt

Birthday---June 8, 1974
Hometown---Lansdowne, Pennsylvania
Real First Name---Nancy
Hobbies---movies, going out, and spending time with the love of my life
Occupation---tech for a hospital
Favorite Food---ice cream
Favorite Fast Food---WENDYS
Favorite TV Show--- WRESTLING!
Favorite Music---anything except rap
Favorite Wrestler---RAVEN RAVEN RAVEN
Favorite Female Wrestler---lita and marlena
Favorite Saying---treat people like the way you want to be treated

A "Demanding" Brit

Birthday---July 22, 1983
Hometown---Southport, Merseyside, England
Real First Name---James
Hobbies--- Football, Going out with mates, drinking, sleeping, IRCing.
Occupation---Student, part time at Pizza Hut
Favorite Food---Chilli
Favorite Fast Food---Pizza Hut
Favorite TV Show--- Simpsons
Favorite Music---Any kind of punk
Favorite Wrestler---Benoit
Favorite Female Wrestler---lita
Favorite Saying---"I am the daddy."

Channel Cowboy

Birthday---July 12, 1982
Hometown---Hancock, Maryland
Real First Name---Shane
Occupation---Student, Volunteer Fire Fighter
Favorite Food---Steak
Favorite Fast Food---Day old pizza from pizza hut
Favorite TV Show---The Man Show
Favorite Music---Kid Rock
Favorite Wrestler---MIck Foley and STone Cold
Favorite Female Wrestler---Anyone that shows their puppies
Favorite Saying---KICK ASS.........

One of the "Originals"

Birthday---June 7th 1977
Hometown---Cleburne Texas
Hobbies--- Fishing
Occupation---Machine Operator
Favorite Food---Steak
Favorite Fast Food---Hardee's Bacon Swiss
Favorite TV Show---Cops
Favorite Music---Country
Favorite Wrestler--- Stone Cold
Favorite Female Wrestler---Sable
Favorite Saying--- It aint your fight so stay out!!!

One of Proxi's "babes"

Birthday---October 13, 1936
Hometown---Houston, Texas
Real First Name---
Hobbies---Football, roller derby, pro wrestling and fishing
Occupation---Boiler & pressure vessel inspector, 20 year retired naval service
Favorite Food---Mustard Greens
Favorite Fast Food---Taco Bell
Favorite TV Show---Jerry springer
Favorite Music---Blues and big band
Favorite Wrestler---The Rock
Favorite Female Wrestler---Jackie
Favorite Saying---If its not broken why try fixing it?

(I call him "nit wit")

Birthday---January 9, 1985
Hometown---Cherry Hill, New Jersey
Real First Name---Nick
Hobbies---Drinking, chatting online, hanging out at the mall
Favorite Food---Buffalo Wings
Favorite Fast Food---KFC
Favorite TV Show---Titus
Favorite Music---Hard rock, southern rock, rock in general
Favorite Wrestler---Chris Benoit, Raven, and Chavo Guerrero Jr.
Favorite Female Wrestler---Ivory
Favorite Saying---All hail the Ayatollah Of Wittyollah

The "Homemaker" of the channel

Birthday---July 8,1984
Hometown---Moundsville West Virginia
Real First Name---Amanda
Hobbies---cooking, crafts, reading, computers
Favorite Food---Beef Stroganof over rice (yummy!)
Favorite Fast Food---Taco Bell
Favorite TV Show---OZ
Favorite Music---Country, The Beatles, Metallica, and Guns 'N' Roses
Favorite Wrestler---Shawn Michaels and Kevin Nash
Favorite Female Wrestler---don't really have a favorite
Favorite Saying---Broken hearts never heal, they just scar over with time

No Comment!!

Birthday---December 6, 1980
Hometown---Sydney, Australia
Real First Name---Karen
Hobbies---Playing everquest, going ot the movies and running
Favorite Food---garlic bread
Favorite Fast Food---Pizza Hut
Favorite TV Show---South Park
Favorite Music--- Metal
Favorite Wrestler---Kevin Nash
Favorite Female Wrestler---Luna Vachon
Favorite Saying---"uh"

Friendliest Guy on IRC

Birthday--- July 9th, 1982
Hometown---Montreal, Canada
Hobbies---Phreaking, Music, internet
Favorite Food---Mashed Potatoes w/ gravy
Favorite Fast Food---Taco Bell
Favorite TV Show---Simpsons, COPS
Favorite Music---Heavy Metal
Favorite Wrestler---Tazz
Favorite Female Wrestler---Sunny
Favorite Saying---uh heh

Channel Habitant

Birthday---December 31, 1978
Hometown---Suburb of Detroit
Real First Name---Phil
Hobbies---playing electric guitar, trading metal cdrs, pro-wrestling and hockey
Favorite Food---filet mignon medium rare
Favorite Fast Food---Arby's
Favorite TV Show---ECW TV on TNN
Favorite Music---melodic rock/heavy metal
Favorite Wrestler---Sabu
Favorite Female Wrestler---Torrie Wilson
Favorite Saying---"Practice What you Preach"

Occasional "Lady" Visitor

Birthday---May 18, 1979
Hometown--- Blockhouse, Nova Scotia, Canada
Real First Name---Denise
Hobbies---movies, tv, reading, hanging with friends
Occupation---Student & tringle maker (Michelin)
Favorite Food---Pork Riblets
Favorite Fast Food---Arby's curly fries!
Favorite TV Show---Titans
Favorite Music---Our Lady Peace
Favorite Wrestler---Bret Hart
Favorite Female Wrestler---Chyna
Favorite Saying---Someday.............I will think of one!

HBK, look out for Jinx!!!

Birthday---February 1, 1975
Hometown---Piqua, OH
Real First Name--- Jennifer
Hobbies---Reading, writing, and chatting
Occupation---sales clerk
Favorite Food---Mexican or Italian
Favorite Fast Food---Taco Bell
Favorite TV Show---Who's Line Is It AnyWay or Buffy
Favorite Music---Country
Favorite Wrestler--- Shawn Michaels or Test
Favorite Female Wrestler---Trish Stratus or Torrie Wilson
Favorite Saying---Friendship Love is forever, love between two people is only as good as long as two hearts are in it

Always Smokin'

Birthday---January 4, 1984
Hometown---Seattle, WA
Real First Name---
Hobbies--- -Smoking weed, parties, and wrestling
Occupation---Student, and Courtesy Clerk
Favorite Food---Pizza and breadsticks
Favorite Fast Food---Wendys
Favorite TV Show---Power of Attorney, Cops, Raw is War
Favorite Music---Metallica, Eminem, Dre, Snoop Dogg
Favorite Wrestler--- Bret Hart
Favorite Female Wrestler---Chyna
Favorite Saying---"I'm Cheech AND Chong"

"Jane's Jargon's" Columnist
(and her grandaughter, Courtney)

Birthday---May 20, Twentieth Century
Hometown---Lake Placid, Florida
Real First Name---Jane
Hobbies---Cooking, watching wrestling, listening to country music
Occupation---Retired Real Estate Broker (retired on disability, not age)
Favorite Food---Seafood
Favorite Fast Food--- Do not like fast food
Favorite TV Show---Mash reruns, all Court Shows
Favorite Music---Smooth country
Favorite Wrestler--- Big Show and Rikishi
Favorite Female Wrestler---Lita
Favorite Saying--- I'm gonna live till I die!!
In February of 2003, Jane went to cheer for the wrestlers....
In the greater ring in the sky...

Channel Visitor

Birthday---October 10, 1984
Hometown---Camden County, New Jersey
Real First Name---
Hobbies---hanging out, listening to music, wrestling, computer
Favorite Food---cheese steak
Favorite Fast Food---Mcdonalds Big Mac
Favorite TV Show---ECW
Favorite Music---Limp Bizkit, almost everything but country
Favorite Wrestler--- Simon Diamond & Steve Corino
Favorite Female Wrestler---Stephanie McMahon Helmsley
Favorite Saying---Your Girlfriend Has Me On Her Speed Dial Because She Likes the Way I Star 69 Her

[--|GuyA`S|--]---ConGar --- Penty1000
(or whatever nick he has at the time)

Birthday---March 2, 1989
Hometown---Isle of Lewis, Scotland, UK
Real First Name---Donald
Favorite Food---Soup
Favorite Fast Food---None
Favorite TV Show---X-flies , WWF , The Simpsons
Favorite Music---Rollin`
Favorite Wrestler---The Rock, Undertaker
Favorite Female Wrestler---Trish
Favorite Saying---DIE!!!

Lover of West Virginia

Birthday---March 8, 1980
Hometown---Pageton, West Virginia
Real First Name---Paul
Hobbies--- gamez, wrestling, programming
Occupation---College Student
Favorite Food--- pizza
Favorite Fast Food---Subway
Favorite TV Show---Raw, Nitro, Jackass
Favorite Music---dont like music
Favorite Wrestler---Big Poppa Pump
Favorite Female Wrestler---Chyna
Favorite Saying---Citlink sucks ass

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