ECW Massacre on 34th Street
Date:December 3, 2000

Simon Diamond and Johnny Swinger vs Joey Mathews and Christian York
Before the match started Dawn Marie came to the ring and said she needs 2 men. Dawn says she has a managerial contract in her hand and offers her services to the men who can please her. Dawn hands the contract to York and Mathews and tells them to pass it along. Dawn goes on to say that whoever wins will have all of her. Match starts off with York and Mathews putting the future shock on Swinger. Simon kicks York off the ring apron. Swinger and York fight on the outside. Swinger with a russian leg sweep on York. Simon plants York face first into the canvas. Swinger comes off the top with a flying clothesline and hits Simon by accident when York moved out of the way. Mathews tagged in and cleans house. Mathews dives out of the ring on Swinger. York with a springboard plancha to the outside on Swinger and Simon. Simon hits the simonizer on Mathews. York with a sunset flip into a powerbomb on Simon. York comes off the top with the rebel yell on Swinger for the pin. After the match Dawn comes into the ring and rakes the eyes of York. Prblem solver on York. It was a setup. Dawn and Simon kiss. Dawn and Simon are a real life couple for those who are wondering.
Winners: Christian York and Joey Mathews

Doring and RoadKill cut a promo in the back.

Cyrus replaces Joel gertner at the commentators booth. Joel left because he was tending to Joey Mathews in the previous match who got hurt.

EZ Money w/ Hot Commodity vs Balls Mahoney
Match starts off with a shoulder block by Money. Balls winds up and punches Money down. Money dives to the outside on Balls. Dinero and Hamrick double team Balls. Back in the ring Balls hits a belly to back suplex for a two count. Balls clotheslines Money out of the ring. Balls dives to the outside on all of Hot Commodity. back in the ring Balls hits a clothesline and then goes up top to miss the New Jersey jam. Money hits the money clip for a two count. Money punches Balls in the corner. Money with a jawbreaker. Money goes up top and Balls crotches him. Balls follows him up and hits a superplex for a two count. Money goes up top and misses a swanton bomb. Balls hits the superkick for a two count. Balls grabs a chair but Hamrick from behind takes it away. Money superkicks Balls for a two count. Balls crotches Money on the ropes. Hamrick and Dinero push Balls off the top. Money hits a top turnbuckle moonsault for the pin. After the match Hot Commodity continue to attack Balls. Nova comes in to make the save and clears the ring. Nova dives to the outside on Hot Commodity. This leads into the next match of Nova vs Dinero.
Winner: EZ Money

Nova vs Julio Dinero
Hamrick nails Nova with a springboard missile dropkick. Dinero hits the vertabreaker for a two count. Dinero hits a moonsault press for a two count. Dinero with a russian leg sweep for a two count. Nova stomps Dinero down in the corner. Nova with a inzegury kick for a two count. Hamrick throws a chair at Nova's head. Dinero superkicks Nova for a two count. Nova hits the spindoctor. Electra comes in the ring and Nova gives her the kryptonite krunch. Nova goes up top and connects with a leg drop on Dinero. Hot Commodity comes in to break the count. Balls nails Hot Commodity with chair shots. Nova hits Dinero with a swanton bomb for the pin. After the match Nova and Balls hug.
Winner: Nova

Rhino cuts a promo in the back.

ECW World Tag Titles vs. The Future of the Team
The FBI vs Danny Doring and Roadkill
If Doring and Roadkill lose, they will be forced to split up as a team.
Match starts off Guido taking down Doring with a arm bar. Both men trade mat holds and then a stand off for a standing ovation. Guido and Doring trade slaps to the chest. Mamaluke with a bulldog on Roadkill. Roadkill hits a second rope elbow on Mamaluke. Roadkill hits the dirt road slam on Mamaluke. Lancaster lariat on Guido. Roadkill and Sal brawl on the outside.Guido hits Doring in the back with a chair. FBI double powerbomb Doring on a chair for a two count. Guido dropkicks Doring in the face for a two count. Guido hits the sicilian slice on Doring for a two count. Doring hits Mamaluke with the g-spot suite off the ropes. Roadkill tagged in and cleans house. Roadkill with the barnburner on Guido. Roadkill with a amish bomb on Mamaluke. Roadkill dives out of the ring on Sal. Guido hits Doring in the head with one of the tag belts. Roadkill misses a double clothesline. FBI put a double chicken wing on Roadkill. Doring and Roadkill hit the buggy bang on Guido for the pin.
Winners and new Tag Team Champions: Danny Doring and Roadkill

Spike Dudley cuts a promo in the back.

Tommy Dreamer vs The Enforcer C.W. Anderson
Match starts off with CW spitting in Dreamer's face. Dreamer kicks CW in the corner. Dreamer with a hangmen's neckbreaker. Dreamer with a side russian leg sweep. Dreamer hits a double arm ddt. Dreamer wraps CW's arm around the ring post. CW superkicks Dreamer. CW throws Dreamer out of the ring. CW wedges Dreamer's arm in a chair against the ring post and smacks it twice with a chair. Dreamer sends CW into the ring post. Dreamer drags CW into the crowd. CW suplexes Dreamer on the floor. Back in the ring CW locks on a arm bar/head scissors combination. CW hits a reverse ddt for a two count. CW wedges a chair between the turnbuckles. Dreamer shoves CW into the chair. CW places the chair in the middle of the ring. Dreamer drops CW crotch first onto the chair. Dreamer goes up top and comes off with a elbow on CW on the chair. CW brings the towel boy in the ring and throws him into Dreamer. CW runs at towel boy but Dreamer lifts towel boy's feet into CW's face. Dreamer hits a tornado ddt for a two count. Lou E. Dangerously comes out and shoves the towel boy down. Lou E. hits Dreamer with his cell phone. CW ddt's Dreamer. Paul Heyman comes out and hits Lou E. with his cell phone. Dreamer with a Spicolli driver on CW for a two count. CW hits the ferris wheel for a two count. Dreamer puts CW in the tree of woe with a chair in front of his face. Dreamer dropkicks the chair in CW's face. Dreamer with a piledriver on CW. Dreamer sets up a table in the ring and sideslams CW. CW throws a chair at Dreamer. CW with a superplex for a two count. CW brings a table in the ring and sets it up against the turnbuckles. Dreamer hits the tommy hawk on CW. CW hits a spinebuster on Dreamer through the table, with the legs sticking straight up, for the pin.
Winner: C.W. Anderson

Whipwreck, Tajiri, and Minister cut a promo in the back.

World Television Title
Spike Dudley vs Rhino
Match starts off with Rhino shrugging off the acid drop. Drop toe hold by Spike. Spike hammers on Rhino on the mat. Rhino kicks Spike out of the ring. Rhino drives Spike face first into the timekeeper's table. Rhino hits Spike in the head with a chair. Back in the ring Rhino hits Spike with the chair again. Spike is busted open. Rhino kicks Spike down in the corner. Spike throws a chair at Rhino's face. Spike dives to the outside on Rhino with the chair. Spike drags Rhino into the crowd. Spike goes to the balcony and jumps off on Rhino. Spike throws a beer on Rhino. Spike hits Rhino in the head with a chair. back in the ring Spike gets a two count. Rhino drop toe holds Spike into the turnbuckles. Spike goes for the acid drop but Rhino counters and drops him out of the ring through a table. Rhino spears Spike. Spike hits Rhino in the knee with a chair. Spike tapes Rhino's leg over the ropes and repeatedly drives the chair into it. Rhino takes the tape off his leg and chokes Spike with it for the submission as Spike passed out. After the match Rhino beats on Spike with the chair. Rhino brings a table in the ring and sets it up against the turnbuckles. Rhino drives one of the referees through the table.
Winner: Rhino

Steve Corino and jack Victory are shown in the back. Francine lures Victory away to go have sex. Justin Credible comes in and attacks Corino with his cane. Francine and Credible leave.

Mystery Partner Payback
Mikey Whipwreck and Yoshihiro Tajiri w/ Sinister Minister vs Super Crazy and a partner of his choice
Crazy rushes the ring only to get stomped down in the corner. Kid Kash comes out as Crazy's partner and clears the ring. Kash with a huricanrana on Mikey. Tajiri with a handspring into a back elbow on Crazy. Crazy with a tilt a whirl backbreaker on Tajiri. Tajiri with a huricanrana on Crazy. Crazy and Tajiri exchange hold then have a standoff for a standing ovation. Tajiri kicks Kash in the face. Mikey wedges 3 chairs between Kash and Crazy. Mikey and Tajiri dropkick the chairs. Crazy with a springboard moonsault to the outside on Tajiri and Mikey. Kash dives out of the ring on Tajiri and Mikey. Back in the ring Kash hits a spinning corkscrew off the top on Mikey and Tajiri. Kash kicks Mikey between the legs. Crazy dives into the crowd on Tajiri. Mikey clotheslines Kash. Mikey and Tajiri hit Kash with a double rib breaker. Mikey sets up 2 chairs in the ring. Mikey hits the whippersnapper on Kash from the top rope onto the 2 chairs. Mikey follows up with another whippersnapper on Kash off the ring apron through the table. Crazy goes up top and hits 3 moonsaults in a row on Tajiri. Tajiri shoves Crazy off the top to the floor. Crazy with a springboard moonsault on Tajiri for a two count. Tajiri puts the tarantula on Crazy. Kash breaks the tarantula with a dropkick to Tajiri's head. Crazy takes the green mist. Kash hits a huricanrana on Mikey off the top to the outside through a table. Tajiri with a ddt on Crazy. Tajiri repeatedly kicks Crazy in the face. Tajiri places 3 chairs on Crazy and sets up a table over him. Tajiri goes up top and hits the double stomp through the table on Crazy for the pin.
Winners: Mikey Whipwreck and Yoshihiro Tajiri

Da Baldies cut a promo at the subway station.

Blue Boy is shown from inside his car driving around and he picks up Jasmine St. Claire who just happens to be going to the PPV as well. Jasmine asks to turn the cameras off so she can give him head while he drives.

Three Way Dance for the ECW World Heavyweight Title
Steve Corino vs Justin Credible w/ Francine vs Jerry Lynn
Match starts off with Jerry Lynn caning everyone. Lynn with a bulldog on Credible. Lynn clotheslines Corino. Credible kicks Lynn down in the corner. Corino throws Credible out of the ring. Lynn clotheslines Corino out of the ring. Lynn throws Corino into the crowd. Lynn ddt's Corino on the floor. Credible and Lynn trade blows in the crowd. Credible whips Corino over the guard rail into the crowd. Back in the ring Credible hits a sit-down powerbomb on Lynn for a two count. Lynn with a back heel kick on Credible. Lynn and Credible clothesline each other at the same time. Corino with the bionic elbow on Credible. Lynn with a tornado ddt on Corino for a two count. Lynn counters the old school expulsion with a ddt for a two count. Lynn piledrives Credible for a two count. Lynn kicks a chair in Corino's face. Lynn with the cradle piledriver on Corino on the chair. Francine teases Lynn. Francine kicks Credible between the legs by accident. Credible decks Francine by accident. Credible eliminates Lynn with a that's incredible piledriver. Corino knocks Credible off the ring apron into the guard rail. Credible superkicks Corino. Credible drags Corino up to the entrance stage. Corino brings a ladder out in the aisle. Credible whips Corino into the ladder. Back in the ring Corino drop toe holds Credible into a chair. Corino brings the ladder in the ring. Credible suplexes Corino into the ladder for a two count. Credible throws Corino into the crowd. Credible follows Corino into the balcony. Credible canes Corino in the face. Credible tries to throw Corino over the balcony but he hangs on with one hand. Credible canes Corino and he finally falls from the balcony. Back in the ring both men trade chops. That's incredible piledriver on Corino for a two count. Credible whips Corino into the ladder. Corino hits Credible with the old school expulsion for the pin. After the match Sandman comes to the ring and cane Victory and repeatedly canes Corino. Sandman gets on the mic and says Corino might be the champion but the belt is his. Sandman drinks some beer on the turnbuckles and then goes up to the top balcony to drink some more beer. Sandman pours a beer down a fan's throat and leaves with the belt.
Winner: Steve Corino

End of show...


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