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The History of #wwfsuperstars

In the last week of September, 1996, a nick of shawn_m and a nick of proxi joined irc, and each typed in /join #wwf.They landed in a channel, called wwf. This went on for a few days, just the 2 of them. So shawn_m registered the channel as WWF_Superstars. On October, 31, shawn_m went off line, proxi stayed. The channel grew till it was the most frequented wwf channel on Then on December, 6, after shawn_m's nick had expired, the channel was "taken over." This was a night of fighting, as proxi and her friends tried to hold onto the channel, but, finally with the encouragement of a good friend, BuzzFuzz, proxi let the channel go and opened one of her own called WWFSuperstars. A few of the original loyal followers to the new channel were TB_Kid, TheHitman, Cool_Dave, Ut, Da_Blue_Guy, NoOne, Lodin, and of course BuzzFuzz:) proxi and her loyal friends, celebrated the opening of the new channel, and the very next night had 30 people in there for the "grand opening." Since then, proxi changed her nick to Proxi, the channel has grown, has endured several takeover attempts, but remains the most frequented channel on Shawn_m returned on January 23, 1997. Shawn_m and Proxi run the channel Shawn is Proxi's "main man" .Play-byplay reports of all PPV's are done, if possible, usually by a channel regular.We have quite a mixture of people in our channel, and try to be friends with all.Proxi does not tolerate a certain four letter word, it is always good for at least a kik. Flooding is also good for a kik, and like the old ball game, three kiks and you're out. Most bans are lifted every day unless you are fortunate to receive an akick, which has to be discussed with Proxi, and being that she is a "softie," they are usually removed. Pics and wavs are given out freely, also nick lists of frequent visitor, and channel listings of other wrestling channels. We try to run a clean channel, try to have an op on duty at all times, and will discuss all wrestling federations or even other topics if the gang wants to. We have often been known as the "Brady Bunch" of irc. We sometimes serve Pizza and sodas, and do the macarena. I would like to put a little bit in here about ops. About every other visitor to our channel wants ops. We have very few ops in here, but they are good, hardworking, and loyal. And some of them were here the night of the takeovers.New ops are appointed very infrequently, as really our ops are a special bunch. We have a few that we temporarily op on occasions when they are needed, but aops are hard to get in this channel, and getting to be sop is next to impossible, so if you visit, save your ink and don't ask. Come visit us for some good chat and a few laughs. all are welcome. Let us know what you think, we think it is pretty kewl:)
April 18, 1999 Update:
A few changes have taken place, since this was ritten. First, Proxi got tired of the scripting, flooding, and general nonsense of some of the visitors, and even some of the regulars, so she did some deopping and changed the channel, it is not the biggest one anymore, but the regulars think it is the nicest, friendliest one. We all seem to know each other, and care bout each other. We do have our Play-By-Plays for all events, with NUTTZ as our main commentator, with help from Proxi, and others, at times.
Second, [shawn_m] is not Proxi's "main man" anymore. The grass on the other side of the fence looked greener for him, I guess. Will not say more on this at this time, he just tired of her, after 3 long years, it is understandable, i guess:(
Well, like most men, he has come back, left, etc etc

1-an op does not op or deop another person. only i make new ops. a strange op can ban everybody, even me, and try to take over the channel. And even though i can get back, it is a pain in the ass, bluntly. i have been making temp ops for busy nights, but that may cease, sometimes they are more trouble than they are worth. Bottom line, if chanserv don't op them, they are not an op. Unless of course, it is me with the dreamscape address. which sometimes you forget i am an op:)
2-this is a wrestling chat channel. it is not a scripting channel, or a role-play fighting channel. it is a chat channel, primarily wrestling, any federation is fine. occasionally we get off on other subjects which is ok, also, as long as it is good chat, but not so much arguing.
3-banning and kicking-the main reasons for this is flooding and swearing. swearing is mainly the f*** word. however if bad language is consistant or directed to another specific guest, it is also good for a kick. flooding is, i would say, 6 lines, use your discretion on this.and we all know the old ball game three kiks and your banned.i remove all bans the next day, but i will reveiw a ban at the time if the person dcc's me. i do not like a lot of kiking and banning. people do not come here to be kiked out. as far as kicking people cause you don't like them, i really don't like you to do that, unless they are really harasing you. i do have a couple i do not welcome here because of things they have said about me, but what can i say, i am the founder, and they did say bad things. if there is a lot of scripting, that to me is flooding. ops do not kik other ops!!! in case of an op disagreement, to to #proxi, or dcc, or me, and settle it there. i am almost always availabe on dcc. i don't really like "script-kicks", they tend to kick people unreasonably sometimes.
4-advertising-we do not welcome advertising. all guests that want their pages advertised should come to me and we will eventually have them on our web page. all channels are there, any new ones will be added at the updates once a month if i am told about them. some people come here just to advertise, and we are not a classified section.
5-the parking lot-this is not a parking lot, and a lot of guests are using it as such. if someone does not talk for a long time, do a whois on them, they may be in private chat. however if they are in a lot of channels and not talking in ours, pretend you are the meter maid, and remove them. if they come back tell them why, and if they don't a space is open.
6-responsibilities-as an aop you are responsible for this channel running as smoothly as it can. i realize a lot of you have other channels, and visit other channels, so do i, but, if you are on line, i do expect you to keep an eye in here. i try to spread my ops out so someone is here all the time. and nobody has to be here at a certain time.all i am saying is if you are on line, you should be here, also. do not need ops that don't want to come here. and i do try to pick ops that don't have other really busy channels.
7-if you have complaints, bring them to me here at the front desk. the front desk is always open to all ops either in dcc or e-mail. that is what has prompted this up date. i have had complaints from other ops and guests. we do not have a lot of ops for such a busy channel, and i don't want a lot, i just want the ones i have to be "the best there was the best there is and the best there ever wil be," otherwise......!! i prefer quality to quanity! this is a busy channel, and is a responsibility. i don't expect perfection, nobody has that, but do expect loyalty to me and to our channel. anytime something is bothering you don't hesitate a minute to come to me and see if we can solve the problem, and i will do the same with you. this is "our" channel, you guys are the backbone of it, you are what makes it the best. as most of you know, it is not easy to get aops in #wwfsuperstars, cause i am pretty fussy. so, when you get upset with me or the channel, reflect a bit on how hard it was to get your aops, and kinda think whether you still want them, as there are a lot of people that would like to be where you are.
8-last but not least, [shawn_m], my first and dearest friend on mirc. the first person i ever met on mirc. and the love of my irc life. i know many of you did not know shawn and think the old channel was mine, it was not mine. True, i helped build it, but i did not found it. (i did not know how at the time!) shawn and i started it, and without shawn, this channel would not be here. proxi would be floating around in cyberspace somewhere (which would make some of you happy.) shawn is my boyfriend, dearest friend, and sop. Although he is not here much, as he is working, that is the way it is, and if anyone has a problem with that, come to me or shawn. he remains my sop. (Since this was written, he requested not to be op, that is his choice, he is welcome in my channel, and welcome to his ops if he wants them.)
9-finally , good luck to you all. i love you all or you wouldn't be here, you are the best!!!come to me with any problems. and remember:
Proxi is always watching:)
Thank you all, on the whole, you are the greatest!!!
Feel free to dcc me or e-mail if you have any questions,
Bonus checks are in the mail!!!

This is an old article out of my hometown paper
Thought you might be interested in reading it

By Mike McAndrew, Syracuse Post Standard. October 21, 1995
Shawn Michaels is the WWF's Intercontinentalchampion. But he recently took a beating in North Syracuse.
A gang of four or five men attacked the WWFchampion seven days ago outside Club 37 on Brewerton Roadand knocked him cold as two other WWF wrestlers watched helplessly. The 6'2" 200 pound Michaels didn't even get a chanceto use his famous super kick - a move that never fails to knock the WWF bad guys on their cans.
The brawl is thehottest news in the WWF circuit. "I have two hotlines.They've never been buzzing like this past week.It's just unbelievable," said Georgiann Makropoulos,editor of The Wrestling Chatterbox, a monthly magazine based in Astoria, Queens.
Michaels, 30, whose real nameis Michael Hickenbottom, suffered cuts above and below his right eye and bruises to his face in the 2 a.m. Oct.14 assault. He was stitched up at St. Joseph's hosptial.
The WWF had to cancel Michaels' scheduled match in Syracuse the next day. A witness to the attack provided Onondaga County sheriff's deputies with the license plate of a pickup truck that Michaels' assailants fled in. Deputies traced the truck to a Canastota man. But a woman at the Canastota address said the truck's owner no longer lives there.
Detectives closed the case without an arrest because Michaels checked out of the hospital and flew to his Texas home before giving them a statement about the incident, according to a deputy's report.
The brawl occured after Michaels and two other wrestlers - the1-2-3 Kid and the British Bulldog - made an unscheduled appearance at Club 37, where they signed autographs for fans like Donna Jones, 21, a day-care worker from East Syracuse
The three wrestlers were in Jones' car in the parking lot when a group of nine or ten men approached the car, Jones said. "They were calling (the wrestlers) losers ..." Jones said. "One reached in to hit either the 1-2-3 Kid or the British Bulldog." When Michaels got out of the car, a handful of men jumped him, slammed his head against the side of Jones' car and knocked him out,she said "While he was knocked out, he was face-down onthe pavement. They were kicking him in the face and stomping on his head." she said. It was worse than the poundings the WWF bad guys usually get. It was real. Several other men prevented the 1-2-3 Kid and theBritish Bulldog from coming to Michael's rescue.
Jones and her brother drove the three wrestlers to a hotel, where an ambulance met them
"He's recovering," Michaels' mother, who indentifies herself only as Mrs. Hickenbottom, said Friday night. "It was pretty bad."
Proxi Footnote
Wish i had have been there that night!!!!!!!!!
I have played in the band there, before

In gathering information for my memorial section,
i visited the VonErich's homepage.
While there, I sent an e-mail to Kevin VonErich.
Below is the answer i received, which i am very proud of:)

From: "KevinA"
Subject: Re: hi
Date sent: Tue, 3 Mar 1998 23:05:55 -0600
Hi Proxi,
Thanks for your interest -- I'll be sure and check your site out. It's
people like you that gave me the inspiration to create this web site.
I'm in the process of releasing a series of best of WCCW tapes including a
couple of tribute videos backed by music.
Once again, thanks for your interest and stay tuned in. There's a lot of
great things to come.

In looking thru old files, I found this e-mail from my Machoman
It is old, from the first week he opened his page, but it is real,
and one of my treasures
So i thought i would share it with you:)

Date sent: Thu, 26 Jun 1997 15:17:35 +0000
Subject: Personal E-Mail From Macho Man
Send reply to:
We received so many e-mails that we are calling it F-Mail! There is no way I can answer all of them personally. I must switch to planG. My staff will pick out the 10 most interesting e-mail entries each day. I will personally respond to all of them. Both the e-mail and the response will be posted in our Cyber MadnessMagazine. Be sure to indicate if you have any objections to usprinting your name and return address. Keep in mind, anonymous letters lack courage, and may hurt your chances of being selected. This policy will go into effect on July 4th, which I understand is some sort of holiday!
Randy "Macho Man" Savage

Curt_Hennig's "Channel Survey Results"

Channel Clown: Curt_Hennig - 6, Night-Mare - 3, I_R_S - 2

Best Couple: Kristy & Marc - 9, Night-Mare & Curt_Hennig - 6, Shawn_M & Proxi - 5
Most Popular Pro Wrestler: Stone Cold Steve Austin - 13, Sting - 3, HBK - 2
Most Popular Person in the channel: Proxi - 10, Fear_TAZ - 4, Cool_Dave - 3
Most Flirtatious of the channel: Curt_Hennig - 4, I_R_S - 4, Proxi - 2
Best Play by Play person: Curt_Hennig - 12, Fear_TAZ - 3
Best Pay Per View of the Year: Starrcade - 9, Survivor Series - 2
The Best Pro Feud of the Year: Bret Hart vs. HBK - 7, Bret Hart vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin - 4
The Best Channel Feud of the Year: Proxi vs. Blue - 4
Most Hated Pro Wrestler: Hulk Hogan - 13, Rocky Maivia - 4
Most Hated Person of the Channel: I_R_S - 5, Curt_Hennig - 5, DK - 2
Pro Rookie of the Year: Taka Michinoku - 7, Bill Goldberg - 7, Brian Christopher - 3
Pro Rookie of either the whole channel, or of ops: Kristy - 4, Fear_TAZ - 3
Most Inspiarational person of the channel: Proxi - 7, Ubas - 4
Best Pro comeback of the year: Sting - 3, George The Animal Steele - 3, Curt Hennig - 2
Most loved op: Proxi - 13, Ubas - 5
Non op, who would make a good aop: Curt_Hennig - 4, Night-Mare - 3, Scott_Thornton - 3
Most annoying person of the channel: I_R_S - 8, Curt_Hennig - 5
Most popular page out of anyone in the channel: Fear_TAZ - 8, Proxi - 5
Worst Pay Per View of the Year: nWo Souled Out - 7, DX IYH - 5, Starrcade - 4