Scott Hall

A Tragedy!!

Scott "Razor Ramon" Hall
The Bad Guy

Bring Back The Good "Bad Guy"

An Update on the Hall situation as of 3/21/99
I am very very happy to report, that the latest news is Scott is reunited with his wife and kids, after having his foot run over, and being home, recuperating.
He is also expected to reunite with Kev Nash
To reform the best tag team ever
"The Outsiders!!!!

Scott "Razor Ramon" Hall
The Bad Guy
This was written almost a year ago.
Since then, so much has changed:(
I think we all know how Scott's career is going down hill, so i won't go into it.
But, here is how he got to the top, and i hope for him to return there.
And now, a couple of years later, thru many trials and tribulations, Hall is back in the NWO, and back in WWF.
However, personally, I still prefer the old Razor Ramon

Scott Hall is a very impressive member of the nWo. He started his career wrestling in October of 1984 in Minnesota and wrestled for Verne Gange's American Wrestling Association (AWA). He won his first title, the AWA World Tag Team Championship with Curt Hennig on January 18, 1986 when he defeated the team of 'Mr. Electricity' Steve Regal and 'Georgeous' Jimmy Garvin in Albuquerque, New Mexico. They lost the tag team titles to 'Playboy' Buddy Rose and 'Pretty Boy' Doug Somers in Hammond, Indiana five months later. He left the AWA later on, he wrestled in some independent wrestling organizations and later he popped up in the NWA in late 1988, he wrestled under his real name and called himsself 'Gator' Scott Hall.
He wrestled for a few months and then left the organization and resumed his career in Puerto Rico with the World Wrestling Council. That's where he toughened his skills, became a rough and rugged street fighter, and "gained" a Hispanic accent. He reappeared in WCW somewhere in middle of 1991 and under the name the Diamond Studd and was managed by none other than Diamond Dallas Page. His finisher was 'Diamond Death Drop,' later to be called the 'Razor's Edge,' and 'the Outsider's Edge.' He had a brief feud with Tom Zenk before he left theWCW and signed up with the WWF in 1992.
He changed his name to Razor Ramon. A Cuban-born scarface character living in Miami, Florida. He wore chains of gold around his neck and threw toothpicks in his opponent's face and other ring attendant’s faces when they are handling his gold. His claim to fame was winning the WWF Intercontinental Championship 4 times. In my opinion, his greatest match was against Shawn Michaels in a ladder match at WrestleMania 10 and again at SummerSlam in 1995. Razor Ramon was one of the best known, and later, best loved superstars during the 1992-1996 year.
In the summer of 1996, Scott Hall appeared in WCW along with Kevin 'Diesel' Nash. The announcers called them the 'Outsiders' since they were from the WWF and appeared shortly after completing their work schedule in the WWF. The formed one of the most infamous groups in professional wrestling history, the New World Order, in July. Scott Hall teamed with Kevin Nash to defeat the Harlem Heat for the WCW World Tag Team Championship on October 27, 1996 at Halloween Havoc. They lost the tag titles to The Steiner Brothers at NWO Souled Out, and to The Giant and Lex Luger at Spring Stampede, but got them back because of Eric Bischoff's contract dealings.

What will be in Scott Hall's future?

I made this page, because I personally know what booze can do to your life
My dad died from booze, when i was 15
My uncle died from booze
My husband, after a divorce caused by booze, died from liver disease
This was just last year, and this is caused by "booze"
It is no laughing matter, and should not be "entertaining" The other reason i am making this page, is because Razor is a favorite of mine.
I am calling him "Razor" here, as that is how i cheered for him

Well, it is a few months later, now, and things are looking up for Scott
He has not been drinking in the ring, and is doing pretty good
I also think it is possible, that Nash and Hall will reunite:)