"Hulk" Hogan
Whatever you call him.....
However you say it.....
He is..............
The Wrestling Icon!!!!!

"Peter Sciretta"

*The End of an Era*

Real Name: Terry Gene Bollea
Nicknames: Terry Boulder, Hulk Hogan, Sterling Golden
Born: 8/11/56
Height: 6' 6"
Weight: 290
Hulk Hogan (real name: Terry Gene Bollea) was born on August 11th 1956 in Venice Beach, CA. Bollea began wrestling in 1978 in the Alabama area as a heel under the name Terry Boulder. By early 1979, Boulder made his debut in the Memphis area, managed by Jimmy Hart. At this period in time, he was most remembered for a short fued with Jerry "The King" Lawler. In late 1979, he did a few appearences as "Sterling Golden" in Knoxville and Georgia Championship Wrestling.
Before the years end, Bollea was brought into the World Wrestling Federation by Fred Blassie as a heel. This is where he was given the name which would stick with him for the rest of his life - Hulk Hogan. He began a fued which would later be one of the biggest main events in wrestling history with Andre The Giant. Andre won nearly all the matches at the time. In 1980 Hogan went over seas to New Japan for some time, before returning to the WWF where he recieved a match with the World Champion at the time - Bob Backlund. However it was not yet Hogan's time, and Backlund came out with the win.
After the loss, Hogan left Blassie, and joined the AWA in 1981 where he became a babyface. Over a year later, Hogan beat Nick Bockwinkel in a no-disqualification bout for the AWA World heavyweight title in somewhat of a "dusty finish." The decision was reversed the following day with a reason being "the contract wasn't valid."
In 1982, Hogan achieved national fame when he appeared in the film "Rocky III" as "Thunderlips, The Ultimate Male." Victories over Jesse "The Body" Ventura and Ken Patera earned him more title shots against Bockwinkel. However, Hogan was unable to win due to Bockwinkel's self Disqualifications. Hogan thought that since he had gained national fame that he should have a title, and became frustrated with the AWA.
Hogan left the AWA for New Japan Pro Wrestling, where on June 2nd 1983, he defeated Antonio Inoki by Knock Out in a tournament final to become the first International Wrestling Grand Prix (IWGP) Champion. Back in the US, he fueded with Mr. Saito and David Shultz after Saito broke the IWGP Trophy over his head durring a television interview.
After Bob Backlund lost the WWF title to the Iron Sheik on December 26th 1983, Hogan returned to the WWF in early January and was granted a title shot. On January 23rd 1984, Hogan pinned The Iron Sheik in Madison Square Garden in New York City to capture his first WWF World Heavyweight Title. Early challengers included David Shultz, Paul Orndorff, and Big John Studd.
On June 14th 1984, Hogan lost the IWGP Title to Antonio Inoki in Japan.
In February of 1985, MTV televised a match against "Rowdy" Roddy Piper. Durring the match, Orndorff interfered for Piper, this angered Mr. T who ran in to help Hogan. This all lead up to the main event of the first ever WWF WrestleMania Event.
On March 31st 1984, WWF held WrestleMania in Madision Square Garden in New York City, where Hogan would team up with Mr. T to fight Roddy Piper and Orndorff. Mr. T and The Hulkster got the win as Hogan pinned Orndorff. Hogan and Piper continued to fued and Orndorff became Hogan's friend.
"The Macho Man" Randy Savage soon entered the WWF and gave Hogan a few good fights.
On April 7th 1986, Hogan defeated King Kong Bundy in a steel cage match in Los Angeles at WrestleMania II. In June of 1986, Orndorff turned on Hogan durring a tag team match against King Kong Bundy and Big John Studd. At the fued's height, the main event drew 74,080 fans at the Exhibition Stadium in Toronto on August 28th 1986.
In January 1987, Andre The Giant, a friend of Hogan's at the time, turned against him and demanded a title shot. The match would take place at WrestleMania III on March 29th, in Pontiac, Michigan. In a history making momment, in front of a reported 93,173 fans, Hulk Hogan slammed Andre and pinned him to retain the title.
However that loss did not stop Andre, he would go on to fight him again. This time on February 5th 1988, Hogan lost the title. It was one, if not the most, controversial title changes in history. The finish involved referee Earl Hebner's evil twin brother Dave. Andre did not keep the title long, as Ted DiBiase bought it from him directly following the match.
However, federation officials disallowed the transaction and put the title up in a tournament at WrestleMania IV on March 27th 1988 in Atlantic City, NJ. Hogan did not make it past the second round, with a double count-out in his match with Andre. Hogan went on to help Randy Savage defeat Ted DiBiase for the title in the final match.
With the lovely Elizabeth as their manager, Hulk Hogan teamed up with Randy Savage to create the "Megapowers." They went on to defeat both of their rivals (Andre & DiBiase) in a tag match at SummerSlam '88 on August 29th. The team started to fall apart soon after.
On February 3rd 1989, After beating Akeem & The Big Bossman, Savage turned on Hogan - thinking he was lusting after Elizabeth. This all led up to WrestleMania V on April 2nd 1989 in Atlantic City which was titled: "The Megapowers Collide." Hogan defeated Savage that night, to capture the WWF World Title for the second time in his career.
Hulk Hogan then went on to star in his second major film entitled "No Holds Barred."
Elizabeth left Savage and became Hogan's manager. Hogan then went on to tag team with long time friend Brutus Beefcake to defeat Randy Savage & Zeus (the heel from the movie) at SummerSlam '89 on August 28th. On December 12th 1989, they had a re-match in a steel cage entitled "No Holds Barred: The Match." Hogan and Beefcake defeated them for a second time.
Hogan was then challenged by the WWF Intercontinental Champion at the time, The Ultimate Warrior. The match happened on April 1st 1990 in Toronto infront of 67,678 fans. Unfourtunately for Hogan, Warrior was the better man that night, being one of the few men to pin him cleanly.
Weeks after losing the WWF World Title, Hogan was attacked by Earthquake, and put out of action for a couple months. With Tugboat's help, Hogan made a come-back, and scored a bunch of victorys over Earthquake nationwide. The most notable being live on Pay Per View at SummerSlam '90 on August 27th in Philadelphia, PA.
Hulk Hogan's comercial for Right Guard was shown durring the most watched television event of the year... The SuperBowl.
After Ultimate Warrior lost the title to Sgt. Slaughter at the Royal Rumble in late January, Hogan went on to win the over the top rope, 30 man Royal Rumble, last eliminating Earthquake. This set up Hogan-Slaughter for March 24th 1991 i Los Angeles at WrestleMania VII. Hogan defeated Slaughter to become the first man to hold the WWF World title on three occasions.
Hogan then starred in his third movie - Suburban Commando.
Hogan continued his fued with Sgt. Slaughter and his anti- Americian buddies untill Survivor Series '91 when Hogan lost the World title to The Undertaker, with help from Ric Flair. But WWF Officials had The Taker defend the title days later at "Tuesday in Texas" which resulted in Hogan getting the pin. However, the title was stipped from Hogan and declaired vacant and put up in the 1992 Royal Rumble.
Hulk Hogan did not win the Royal Rumble however, as friend Sid Justice pulled him out in the final minute, just after Hogan had threw Sid over. Ric Flair was declaired the winner, and was presented with the WWF World Title.
At WrestleMania VIII on April 5th 1992, Hogan defeated Sid by Disqualification when manager Harvey Wippleman interfered. Soon after, Hogan left the WWF to persue a movie career for nearly a year before returning.
Hogan made his return at the April 4th 1993rd WrestleMania IX, the last WrestleMania Hogan would appear in. Yokozuna beat Bret Hart to capture the WWF title after cheating, and went on to challenge Hogan. Hulk excepted and pinned Yokozuna to become the WWF World Champion for the 5th time.
Hogan would stay in the WWF as the World Champion until he lost to Yokozuna in a World Title Match at the King of the Ring in 1993.
Hogan took less then a year off to do more movies before signing a lucrative contract with World Championship Wrestling, and began appearing there in 1994.
Hogan went on to win the WCW title for the first time by beating Ric Flair in a cage match. As champion, Hogan feuded with Kevin Sullivan and the Dungeon of Doom, and many of his own backstage buddies.
Hogan, who was criticized for not wrestling enough, usually 1 title defense every 3 or 4 months, began picking up the pace as Turner's WCW began hitting monday nights in late 1995 with Monday Nitro. Hogan's feuds with the Horsemen, and the D.O.D. highlighted each show, but Hogan was definitely not as over like he was in the 80's, despite the show attracting a big audience and winning the ratings.
As the ratings began to fall, and the WWF began to catch up, Hogan left wrestling for a few months in 1996, and came back as the mystery partner for Hall and Nash when they fought Sting, Savage and Lex Luger.
Hogan's shocking heel turn catapulted WCW's ratings, as the outlaw NWO took form with Nash and Hall at the forefront. Hogan was the talk of the wrestling world again. The NWO later fought the WCW team of Sting, Luger, Ric Flair and Arn Anderson in the WCW War Games event. But after a fake Sting began showing up in the NWO, the WCW team didn't trust Sting, and that became their eventual downfall as they lost the War Games match.
When the the truth was revealed, Sting shunned WCW, even letting his tag partner Lex Luger get beat down by the Horsemen. He started the crow gimmick and would haunt Hogan for the next whole year until Starcade 1997.
While Sting was roaming the rafters, Hogan continued to feud with the Giant, Lex Luger, who he lost, and a week later, regained the WCW title from at Road Wild, until he lost the belt to Sting. After Sting was beat by Randy Savage in the spring of 1998, Savage lost the next night to Hogan.
But Hogan was NEXT. Hogan held the belt until he lost it to Bill Goldberg at the big July Georgia Dome Monday Nitro in front of Goldberg's hometown fans. Hogan kept feuding with Goldberg until The Ultimate Warrior showed up in WCW in the fall, and began to haunt him.
Hogan defeated The Ultimate Warrior by pinfall at WCW Halloween Havoc '98 and soon after declaired that he would be running for the President of the United States.
Hulk Hogan at one point in the early 1990's was the most recognized person in the world, even above the president of the united states. Hogan at one point in time was bigger then wrestling itself. His popularity was even above the popularity of Austin today, as he was at the fore front of the wrestling boom of the 80's.
"In every industry, and wrestling is no different, there are people who were very successful in the past and pretend the world doesn't move forward and refuse to acknowledge changes. In the entertainment world which pro wrestling is part of, the minute someone has the attitude that they know the business, that is the most sure sign that time will quickly pass them by." - Dave Meltzer on January 8th 1996.
Recently WCW was treated to a lackluster buyrate for Halloween Havoc as the "Dream Re-Match" between Hogan and the Warrior failed to generate a big buyrate. The event was considered a disappointment. WCW has been on the losing end of The Monday Night Wars as of late, and there is no signs of a change.
When Nitro became the #1 wrestling show Hogan was credited as WCW's savior. WCW had, for the first time ever, become the #1 wrestling promotion in the United States, and thanks to Hogan. With stars like The Giant giving notice, it can only appear that WCW is on a Downward Spiral.
It appears that WCW execs, as well as Hogan himself are starting to say that the business has passed by what Hogan does. Just Recently, WCW booking was shifted as Kevin Nash will replace Hogan as the a creative source backstage, backed up by Diamond Dallas Page. Nash, of course, is in touch with today, as it can be seen in his interviews, and his booking style.
Bob Ryder reports that "sources close to WCW report that Hogan and his wife have recently moved to Los Angeles, and that Hogan believes the time is right for him to step away from wrestling."
"Hollywood" Hulk Hogan will announce his retirement from wrestling on the Tonight Show Starring Jay Leno on Thursday, November 26.
"Retirements in pro wrestling are a funny thing. Like most everything else in a world based on a lie and run by people who use the phraseology 'workers' to describe themselves, and also use the term 'work' as a euphemism for 'lie,' it should be no surprise that 99% of pro wrestling retirement angles are just that -- angles. Some are 100% angles all the way across," "The funny part about some of the other wrestlers who take place in retirement storylines, may have actually meant it at the time, but as time goes on, thge bug gets to them, and the lure of the green or the cheers does as well, and presto, for the 30th time, here's Verne Gagne or Roddy Piper or Atsushi Onita coming out of retirement to save the day." - Dave Meltzer on April 8th 1996.
With that said, it is unsure at this time if this is an angle, and if it isn't, wrestling history has shown that retiring isn't forever in a lot of cases. Either way, it's an end of an era. Hulk Hogan is, and always will be a very big part of wrestling history. So today we have decided to dedicate this issue to Hulk Hogan.

Love him or hate him
Hulk or Hollywood
He is truly, the end of an era:(

Well, I along with most of the wrestling fans that could, watched Hulk on Jay Leno last night. Don't know what to think, will he be gone forever? Or will he return, possibly in his yellow tights. I really hate to see him go out in the NWO, and with the wrestling world, anything can happen.
I guess we will just have to wait and see.
As for his political aspirations, no comment:)
In the meantime, good luck, Hulk
You sure left an impression on all of us!!