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"Jennifer L. Harrison" To: Subject:Hello to all that might remotely remember me Date sent:Mon, 31 Jul 2000 13:58:51 -0400
Hey Gang,
Some of you might remember me from #wwfsuperstars...its me _Jinx.....its been a long time since i've been there...i pop in sometimes but everybody has changed and so have i....im still the master at my knowledge and i even have my own radio program devoted to the sport itself.....god i miss all of you...but i've managed to find a new home on another server and not a day goes by that i don't remember all the conversations and friends that i've made there.
Yes I'm still the die hard Shawn Michaels fan that i was when i joined the channel and i probably will die that way too...i've moved on to the look-a-likes (Test, Stevie Richards, (and where do they get this Jeff Hardy), still believe that there will be nobody like the classic Undertaker, and that the WWF will always be better the the WCW (the has beens and never-will-bes still sticks in my mind).
I will fondly remember the spiteful conversations with Mr_Scary (he always knew which buttons to push) to Proxi (whom was always a kind hearted woman no matter what anybody says).
Sorry i keep rambling on but this channel held lots and lots of memories for me....but i wanted all of my old friends to see this and remember me always for I'm not sure when i'll be back to dalnet again
Love and Kisses to everyone that knew me (btw: proxi knows how to reach me)
the _Jinx

From: "heather"
Subject: a wrestling opinion
Date sent: Sat, 29 Apr 2000 10:19:33 -0500
Here's a wrestling opinion Proxi. I swear its a legitimate opinion...
I have been watching wrestling since I was about 10 years old. I started watching around 1994. Since that time I have saw trends that I feel are wrong and a completely hideous direction. It all started with the whole Kane-Paul Bearer-Undertaker angle. That took turns that was unnecessary and tacky. It has continued to worsen. Through Terri's "pregnancy and miscarriage," to the Big Boss Man and Undertaker's family angle, it has become to much. It is not the wrestling that I once loved to watch. In fact, it's not the wrestling that I watch at all. About 6 months ago, it became too much, and I quit watching all together. I did not quit watching because my parents or anyone else found it obscene. In fact the rest of my family still tunes in every week. I have quit watching wrestling because it is no longer about wrestling. I know it was never real, and I know that the interviews and things are important. In fact, my favorite parts used to be the interviews and things and not the matches, but now those are not of any quality. It is all about cussing, and exposing body parts no one needs to see. Wrestling has become mainstream, which I feel is the worst thing that has ever happened to it. So my basic point is, wrestling is not wrestling anymore, and so I am not a wrestling viewer anymore. If it ever reverts to anything but trash, someone let me know!!

From: TERYKOOP@aol.com
Date sent: Sun, 19 Mar 2000 19:39:07 EST
Subject: re your web page
To: proxy@dreamscape.com
Dear Proxi,
If you could let all of your friends on your channel see this, it would make me very happy...........I have an advantage over all of them because as well as knowing you on the computer, I know you in person........and you're right, you are NUTZ (just kidding)........I met you in person three years ago and you have become a part of my family.......I know we kid that you're the favorite daughter, AND NOW YOU ARE......I really believe mother loves you like one of her own.......we are PROUD to have you in our family...........and this will bring me to my conclusion...................
For anyone to make any derogatory statements about you is totally unthinkable; however, for someone (no names mentioned) who has met you to make these kind of statements about you, I hope it makes them feel better about themselves......it has been my experience that if someone has to "rip" you apart by calling you names then they really don't feel very good about themselves. That's too bad for them.......I really have sympathy for them.........so enough about them............
You should be, and I hope are, very proud of your accomplishments. You have had more obstacles than a lot of people and come through them with flying colors. You don't ask anyone for anything and are willing to help those you love and care about. That makes you one of the "good guys". You don't need me to tell anyone that you're a good person, it shows in the things that you do.
So for now, I will end this novel. And if anyone needs to know who you are, well they can ask me too.
I am very proud to have you as a friend and as a part of my family. That's all I have to say for now............................
LOVE, Terry

From: "cj"
Date sent: Mon, 13 Mar 2000 01:25:15 -0500
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Ok here's my beef, Cautus Jack, truely one of the greatest wrestlers of all time is defeated by a guy who had "cottage cheese ass" rub his large buttisimo in his face (sorry I really do like rakishi) and was almost beaten by him. Mankind,Dude Love,Mick Foley,Cactus Jack no matter how you spell it it should be WWF Heavyweight Champion...And thats my opinion..ps cool site

From: "Jane Parker"
Subject: Wrestling sportsmanship
Date sent: Thu, 28 Oct 1999 12:26:10 -0700
I have stated on numerous e-mails what I think about Triple H, The Rock, Jeff Jarrett and Chyna:
Triple H - he is less than a sport. His antics in and out of the ring shows the retarded mentality of this wrestler. His last trick about th rattlesnake that sipposedly scarred him for life. He came down on Stone Cold for bringing that animal intothe arena. Does he forget that in a previous clip we saw the room full of animals he had brought into the arena, only to pick one out, put it in a burlap bag, and beat it to death with his infamous sledgehammer??? This man has never won a math on his ability, which has promise, but has always had to resort to chairs, tables, sledgehammers or Chyna. Surely he cannot be dumb enough to think that the fans can't see what he is doing and that he is insulting our intelligence.
The Rock - this man definitely is the most arrogant, egotistical human being I have ever had the displeasure of watching. Surely, coming from Miami, he has more sense than to allow your writers to give him the image he has portrayed. I only watch him because he shows up in the middle of every wrestling show on TV. His $800 shirts are a laugh. I am sue he can more than afford shirts in this price range but the ones he wears ------- give us a break! I notice he wears a wedding band once in a while. I would hope that the only reason his wife puts with his behavior is because of the money. I only wish for him, that he smetimes becomes the man he is capable of being.
Jeff Jarrett - who does he think he is treating women, especially older women, the way he does. It has done nothing for his image. You would think that he would be a bit humble after the way he was proven to be a liar with his great singing career. He is pitiful and is grabbing at straws. The straws he has picked are definitely not an asset to his career. He is an excellent wrestler and needs to concentrate on that rather than the destruction of women.
Chyna - I would like to see some clips from the first appearance in the WWF organization. Then just show clips over the months to see rhe change she has made. The concensus of opinion is that she was born a man. If I can remember correctly, she did not look quite as feminine as dhe does now. I am not complaining but it seens like everyone is always trying to put something over on the public and we are not as dumb as we ussed to be. If she was truly born a woman, please give her my apologies for thinking any different. I hate seeing the men come down so hard on her sometimes but it seems she comes to the rescue when needed.
Looking forward to watching some more good wrestling with a little less soap opera mentality.
I had 4 children, whom, by the way are older than the above referenced wrestlers, and they have been raised watching and attending wrestling matches so I have quite a bit of experience in the field.

From: HBKatmsg@aol.com
Date sent: Sat, 23 Oct 1999 01:58:44 EDT
Subject: (no subject)
To: proxy@dreamscape.com
What the hell is this?
In one of the most influential moves in wrestling history, the WWF has re-signed Dennis Knight (aka Mideon, Phineas Godwinn) for a further year.This is undoubtedly a big coup for the WWF, after losing Hulk Hogan, Kevin Nash and Randy Savage to WCW earlier this decade. Knight started his WWF career as the high-flying Phineas Godwinn, teaming with Henry Godwinn. The talented duo were well known for inventing exciting new double team moves and employing Japanese-style psychology in their matches.
But just like The Rockers had Shawn Michaels, The Godwinns had Phineas, and when Henry was injured he went on to become a solo superstar. Re-packaged as "Mideon", the Undertaker's minion, the man who beat out Bret Hart to become wrestler of the year in '97 used his stunning arsenal to acquire the coveted European championship, which has been worn by such great stars as Davey Boy Smith and X-Pac in the past.
Surely the WWF has proven their ability to hold on to the most influential, young, talented stars of the future with this re-acquisition,right under WCW's nose. Early speculation says that with this new contract, Mideon's push will continue, and he will take on Chris Jericho in the main event of Wrestlemania XVI for the WWF title in a 60-minute ironman match - and knowing Mideon, it will top even the classic bout between Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels in 1996.
Well I read that is the news section and to me it sounded a little bit sarcastic. The way it was written, it was hard to swallow. Mideon, up with Hogan, Nash and Savage? I have been watching wrestling for a long time but did I miss something? Was Dennis Knight that great?
Post this in the opinions section if you want Proxi.

Send reply to: "Jason Leineweber"
From: "Jason Leineweber"
To: , "Proxi"
Subject: Smackdown results
Date sent: Wed, 20 Oct 1999 08:45:09 -0500

Smackdown was LIVE in Louisville, KY. This was not one of the better shows I've seen, I hate to say it, but it seemed like it was more of a house show type of show, rather than a tv show. There were no, exciting matches, most of them were re-matches from RAW, but here are the results: They taped like 8 matches for Heat, I don't think all of them will air though!
the next two matches were horrible, I didn't even pay attention, I don't even remember a single person in them, except one guy whose name was Trailor Park Trash.

Chris Jericho came out, cut an interview, said he wanted a title shot at Chyna, Chyna came out told him NO

Faarooq d. Curtis Hughes

Prince Albert d. Stevie Richards who was dressed as Meat, Blue Meanie made his return when he came out dressed like Prince Albert.

Xpac/Kane d. Headbangers

Vince told Jericho that he could have his title shot against D'Lo.

D'Lo d. Jericho

Onto Smackdown:
Mankind came out, wanted Vince, got Vince, wanted the Rock tonight, got the Rock tonight, Rock came out, cut an interview, Mankind left, Vince told the Rock that no one had challenged Austin tonight, Val Venis came out, said he wanted Austin, Austing came out, acted like he was gonna talk to the Rock, turned around and clobbered Val, and said, "You Stupid Son of a Bitch, O Hellllll Yeaa!!"

I don't remember the exact order of the matches or what matches of Smackdown, so I'll do my best:

Test/Edge/Christian d. Bulldog/Posse

Big Show/Bossman No contest

Hollys d. Hardys

Stone Cold d. Val

Rock/Mankind double countout

Then during the Mae Young/Moolah match, everyone diverted their attention to the woman in the section behind me, who teased us with her puppies, no one paid attention to this match, as you'll see on thursday.

Godfather/Mark Henry d. Mideon/Viscera
Perhaps the worst match of the night, although very well worked by both men, they did their best at keeping their concentration,

HH d. Al Snow with the title on the line. No one paid attention to this match, as a fight broke out about 3 rows behind me.

Honestly I'm glad the puppies and the fights were by me, because it was about the only entertainment I got for the night.

Biggest Pops:
1. Austin-Rock about the same
2. Chyna, I couldn't believe that, everyone went nuts when she came out
3. Mankind
4. Chris Jericho, D'Lo about the same
5. the puppy woman
6. The Godfather
7. Hollys/Hardy's equal

Biggest Heat from the crowd:
1. Security guard who threw out the puppy woman, everyone started chanting "Faggot" then "Asshole"
2. Security guard who broke up the fight 4. Bulldog/Posse
5. Kurt Angle match, no one liked this one.

My opinion: Vince Russo and everyone else leaving is not hurting the WWF, but they do need to get their act together, and realize that this wasn't a House Show, and to also, get some people over as heel's because that was ridiculous. There is really no one to "heckle" for anything. Even HHH got a pop!!!! And he's suppose to be a heel.

That's it!

Date sent: Tue, 20 Jul 1999 22:13:01 -0400
From: "."
To: proxy@dreamscape.com
Subject: Hey Yo
I was just sitting in the channel, u weren't there, and began to think about Aops.
Alot went through my mind. So I decided to write a little poem about.
I call it: Why I want aops...

Aops, it seems so awesome.
The danger of possible corruption over easy power.
Dreams, some say, may be foolish,
Even when based in IRC chat.
The names all have their places... yet
what is it about that @ symbol by your name?
Always there when u enter,
Always there when u leave,
Comforting,... maybe
Why do I want aops so badly?
Some use it for evil,
Others for protecting the innocent.
Some wear it, as a badge of honor,
While others use it as an epidemy of destruction.
Why do I want aops so badly?
All of the world, would probably never see it
Still, all I want is to be it.
Perhaps, I want to be a hero,
Or maybe more than a zero.
Who knows,
But, I want aops so badly.

Written by Qrunchi
All information is original and trademarked.

From: Tim is the man
To: proxy@europa.dreamscape.com
Subject: my thoughts on shane and vince
Date sent: Fri, 02 Jul 1999 18:36:56 PDT
hey proxy, can you put this in the opinion section. these are my thoughts on Vince and Shane. when they had their schemes, and all their stupid angles where shane kept turning on vince, well wrestling has a major influence on poeple today, mostly children, they take the attitudes of certain wrestlers,
Like Stone cold, and the guy that i acted like all the time the Rock, wrestling has even had an impact on my attitude. i go around acting like The rock all the time, even at work. with vince and shane, the time that shane slapped vince was wrong, i now yeah its fake, but come on kids were watching that, i'm sure that after seeing that i'm sure that more kids rebel against their parents.
thank you
see ya

From: Tim is the man
To: proxy@dreamscape.com
Subject:My thougths On Owen
Date sent: Mon, 21 Jun 1999 07:34:39 PDT
Hey Proxy my name is Tim, we have e-mail each other in the past about the wrestling entrance themes. but this is not the case this time, i would ask that you post this on your page, its my thoughts about the Owen Hart situation (God Bless His Soul). Owen was in my opinion is was and always will be the best. he was always my favorite, even when the WWF made him change his character constantly. But owen was not ready for the stunt at over the edge. he practiced the stunt a couple times during that day before the PPV but was not sure about it, he told them that he did not want to do it, but hw wwf kept on pushing him to do it. now the WWf is getting their pants sued off. The WWF has to stop the crap. I remember when it used to be wrestling, but now its filled with sexual oriented crap, and violence. i like a little attitude, but this is to gone too far, like when Golddust hit roddy pipper with the car, or the time when Brian pillman (God bless him) pulled out the gun on Steve Austin,when Kane set that crew man on fire with is stupid super powers,and when he set the casket on fire when the Undertaker was in it, or when Triple H took a sludge hammer and beat on a casket that the Rock was supposivaly in. when i saw that i almost threw up, yeah i knew that it was fake, but it was sick. Wrestling is full of so much stupid crap, like the Undertaker, who i think is the most stupid character in the WWF, and this whole Minestry crap. oh yeah like the Undertaker really has super powers.Owen was murdered, i almost cried when i heard what happened to Owen. my friends and I still talk about it all the time, i didn't see the PPV, but a friend told me the next day when i walked into school, i was in shock, and upset.it is still the talk of my school. i think of Owen everyday, and what his family must be going through. i wish that i had a chance to know Owen, I loved watching Owen perform in the ring, i always cheered for him. Please post this on you page for a couple weeks, i would appreitiate it.
thank you

From: "William Ryan"
Subject: Owen remembered
Date sent: Mon, 7 Jun 1999 01:51:44 -0500
Hi Proxi,
I just wanted to share something with you and all of your readers. My son Christopher was killed by a 16 year old driver who crossed the double yellow line and hit his car head on. We were told he died shortly after. He died on May 23, 1996, and was burried Memorial Day. I just wish I could tell Owens family how sorry We are for their loss and we know what they are going thrrough having been there.
No Owen was not my favorite but damm he was good and I really liked him both as a face and heel. He had a way to keep you watching and you never knew what he would do next.
He was a good wrestler and will be missed by all.
Proxi, I have a poem we dedicated to Chris which I would also like to dedicate to Owen and his family. I pray someone will pass it on to them from us.

In Memory of Owen
You never said your leaving, You never said goodby
You were gone before we knew it, and only God knew why.
A million times we needed you, A million times we cried
If love alone could have saved you, You never would have died.
In life we loved you dearly, In death we love you still
In our hearts you hold a place, That no one could ever fill.
It broke out hearts to loose you, But, you didn't go alone
For part of us went with you, The day God took you home.

William Ryan

I'm sure by now you know of what happened Sunday, May 23rd. A great wrestler's life was cut tragically short when Owen Hart fell from the ceiling before a match. He was a 13 year veterian of the sport at the age of 33, which left many in shock and wondering why such a great person had to die. He was great at what he did and that was being a wrestler.
He started with the WWF in 1988 as the Blue Blazer. He won the Pro Wrestling Illustrated Rookie of the year award and his career took off from there. He never won any titles as the Blazer but he did gain something more important, respect. People respected him for his ability and talent. Eventually he dropped the Blazer gimmick and went on. Over time he won the tag titles several times along with the IC and European titles. Accodring to many accounts he was in line for another IC title reign and a possible push towards the world belt when the accident occured.
It shocked every wrestling fan that knew of it. Many of the wrestlers were greatly struck by this and I commend them for being able to finish the PPV last night, especially Jeff Jarret and Debra who had to wrestle right after their friend was hurt.
Owen was truly one of the best there was and he proved it to me. Each week on RAW I loved seeing him come out to wrestle because I hated him. That was his job, to get people to hate him as the heel. I along with many other people chanted "Nugget! Nugget!" when we saw him. He won us over with talent and charisma by making us hate him and he did a damn good job. Few people can draw heat from a crowd like he could. Which in wrestling shows you are great by getting yourself over with the fans and by god Owen did that from the first time he turnned on Bret several years ago up to the ppv last night when he told all his "little Blazers" to take their vitamins, say their prayers, and drink their milk. Each week when I watch raw I will remember him. I will remember chanting "Nugget!". I will remember wanting him to loose because I hated him. I will remember laughing at the foolish antics of the Blue Blazer like when he lowered from the ceiling and got the crap beat out of him by Steve Blackman. Why you ask? Because they were all performed the best they could be, and Owen made sure they were. I may not be a "little Blazer", but my prayers are with him and his family. I hope yours are too, thank you.
R.I.P. Owen Hart (1966-1999)
by ^Paul^]