To begin with, i don't see why aops are so damn important to every one, but apparently they are. In shawn's old channel, he had no aops, finally only me, and i was a lowly aop, not even a sop, so as you all know, we lost the channel when he left irc.
But, this is 1999, and things change, so now we have about 15 aops, and one sop.
As you all know, i have many enemies on irc, that hate me. These are 99% x-aops. Therefore, i really hate to add new ones, as i feel i am only turning friends into enemies, when i aop them. i don't even like to discuss aops, usually go eat or something when someone asks me for aop:) Off and on, we probably have a couple hundred people drop in here, and we only have 15 aops. And many of you tell me you have been here for years (sometimes longer than i have, hehe) and that you have been faithful, and you deserve aops. This is very true.I agree with you. You say i don't trust you, or I don't like you. This is not true at all. Every one cannot be an Aop. Therefore, i try to pick a few out of a couple hundred. You think this is easy?!?!?! It is not!!! The ones i op, love me, (for a while:) The ones i don't, hate me. I just can't seem to win. I have tried many things, and now i am going to try this.
First, let me give you my definition of what i want an aop to do. He is mainly there, to welcome people to the channel, be friendly, and TALK!! His main job is not to kick and ban, and be a power freak. As far as those of you that have been there a long time, that matters not, it is how you handle things that counts to me.Many of those that hate me, have been here since day one.
I want a small, friendly channel, where no one is called a fag, and no ones mom is a whore, with no nukers and flooders, where the most popular word is not Fuck. It is a chat channel, not a scripting channel.
Some of you say, "Gee, this channel used to be big, and more fun, it has gone right to hell" Well, those of us regulars in there, now, like it this way. Bigger is not always better. In here, you will be treated with respect, and friendship, spoken to, and welcomed back. Three people can sometimes carry on a better conversation than 60. I know that from experience, cause it was a big channel,
your right,
till i took out the trash.
If you are an aop, and are here, but working on your page, or playing a game, or cybering with someone, whatever, please put an "away" or "afk" or something by your nick. That way, we don't expect you to talk, and that is fine. Now, your gonna say, "Yeah, sure, Proxi, but you don't do that, why should we?" Well, as most of you know "Proxi is always watching." I have a house to run, a store to run, a page i work on a lot, and just can't be here all the time, but i do pop in and out, glance over, etc.
(And besides, I'm a bitch, so "suck it"!)
Some of my present Aops are not here much, and i understand that, and i know why. They have much more important things to do, education is important. They may want to give their position up in order for others to have a chance, this is up to them.
It sometimes seems, as though someone is here all the time, they talk, and are great, i aop them, and like "kid" says, "poof, they leave the building." Well, i don't know what to do bout that, it is their right. So, my new policy is going to be: Ops for a month. Or maybe a week, I haven't deceided yet, and it does depend on the aop. These are not permanent, so don't cry to me when i take them at the end of your turn at them. If you cant handle letting someone else have a turn, there is always #HOH:)
Now i will tell you my idea of the new policy. I will keep 10-15 Aops on regularly. [shawn_m] and BuzzFuzz will always be ops in here. The rest of you will always be being evaluated. I will add 5 or so new Aops each month. At the end of the month, they will be deopped and others will be added. I will watch the ones that are here, and carry on a decent chat. Some may be kept, but this is doubtful, because there are so many of you, and i want to give all of you a chance. I am doing this to try and be fair, don't know what else i can do. I still haven't figured out how to remember who has been aopped and who hasn't, will have to work on that I will try not to leave anyone out, that is eligible, but be patient, bear with me, there are a lot of you out there:)Aops will be changed on the first of the month.
Some of you have said in the past "Proxi promised me Aops, she is a liar." Not true!! I don't promise anyone Aops. I have been threatened, nuked, trashed and everything imaginable by people wanting Aops that they didn't get. I do not deal for AOps, never have, never will. So don't bother threatening me, cause i ain't scared, as most of you know, and
"I got the brass to fire yr ass!!"
At the meeting, Saturday, of the Aops and prospective Aops, in #Proxi, you can question me on this policy. Just thought i would put it up here, so you can read it a few times, and understand it.
Hope to see you saturday, I am trying to please you all:)
Bet y'all just love this color scheme:)