WWF RAW results for November 17, 2003

Raw is live tonight from the Ford Arena in Beaumont, Texas.

WWE RAW Opener:

At the open of the show, when they normally show Stone Cold's picture, we cut to a live shot of Eric Bischoff scribbling out Austin's picture with red spray paint. We were then taken to a video highlight package of Stone Cold Steve Austin's career and post match interview from last night's Survivor Series when Stone Cold gave a very somber speech when talking about his wrestling career.

Location: Beaumont, Texas

In the arena:

Two beer cans were shown in the ring and Eric Bischoff was there with the entire Survivor Series Team and Eric said "here lies the legacy of Stone Cold Steve Austin." Bischoff then stomped on the beer cans that Austin left in the ring last night at the Survivor Series and he said that if everyone thinks he's out here to gloat because he's the sole general manager of RAW, then you're RAW. It's time for a new beginning for those who have supported Eric Bischoff. And for those who haven't, it's the beginning of the end. Eric said that he decided to show his appreciation for the victorious Team Bischoff. He is going to grant each one of them a very special favor. A favor they can use for anything they want, anytime they want, within reason of course.

Triple H's music hit in the arena and he made his way out to the ring with Ric Flair and Batista and Eric Bischoff welcomed him into the ring with open arms. Randy Orton, who was already in the ring stood side by side by his fellow Evolution members. Triple H took the mic and he said that he thinks he speaks for everybody here in this arena tonight when he says congratulations, Eric. It's great to see him back where he belongs. But since he's out here giving out favors to the people that supported him and the way Triple H sees it, if it wasn't for Evolution's Randy Orton getting the win last night and if it wasn't for Batista helping to get that win, in essence, if it wasn't for Evolution, no disrespect to the rest of the guys, but Stone Cold Steve Austin would still be here tonight.

Eric Bischoff told Triple H that he sees right where he's going and he's absolutely right. As far as Eric Bischoff is concerned, he can have his rematch with Goldberg for the World Heavyweight Title anytime he wants. Triple H said that's great. "That's awfully white of you, Eric, no offense to you guys." (Mark Henry and Theodore Long) Triple H told Eric that Goldberg is the type of guy who doesn't respect the rules and since he doesn't respect the rules, he doesn't respect Eric. Last night, Goldberg went nuts with a sledgehammer and that sledgehammer is the only reason he isn't standing before us as the World Heavyweight Champion. Eric asked Triple H what he has in mind? Triple H put his hand over the mic and said something to Bischoff and Bischoff smiled and said that is a new beginning on RAW. In one corner, it's going to be the World Heavyweight Champion, Goldberg and in the other corner, it's going to be Batista, Randy Orton and Triple H in a Handicap Match and that's the bottom line because Eric Bischoff said so!

Referee: Charles Robinson
Mark Henry vs. Booker T

Booker T's music hit in the arena and he made his way out to the ring for a one on one contest against Mark Henry, who was still in the ring from the previous promo.

The start:

Mark Henry shoved Booker T and Booker fired back with some right hands and as he did that, Jim Ross informed us that Ric Flair demanded a shot at the Intercontinental Championship against Rob Van Dam tonight!

Mid-match notes:

Mark Henry went for a suplex on Booker T but Booker got himself out of it and put Mark Henry in a sleeper hold in an attempt to wear him down.

Booker T went for the scissors kick but Theodore Long distracted him and then Mark Henry knocked Booker down from behind. Mark then used all of his body weight on Booker T by standing on him and pulling on the ropes for leverage.

Booker T finally nailed the scissors kick on Mark Henry to send him down to the mat and then he dropped to one knee and did the spinaroonie to a huge ovation from the crowd in attendance. Booker T then went to the top rope and came off with a missile drop kick and then a pin for a two count.

Mark Henry gave Booker T a power slam and then he pinned him but Booker T was somehow able to kick out.

The finish:

Booker T rolled Mark Henry up and put his feet on the ropes to get the three count!

Winner - Booker T

The Aftermath:

Theodore Long got in the ring and argued with the referee as Booker T walked off and smiled about his victory.

Referee: Michael Chioda
La Resistance vs. Mark Jindrak and Garrison Cade

La Resistance made their way out to the ring and Jim Ross noted that Rene Dupree is French and Rob Conway, while American, he's a French sympathizer. And this is a tag team contest with La Resistance against Mark Jindrak and Garrison Cade!

The start:

La Resistance went right at it with Jindrak and Cade and Cade and Jindrak were able to clear the ring of Rob Conway and Rene Dupree to start it off.

Mid-match notes:

Garrison took the mic and he said that they are sick of seeing their crap! Cade said that he's pretty sure that his fellow Texans here in Beaumont are sick of seeing their crap, too. Now get back in this ring because tonight, they are dedicating this match to the men and women of the Armed Forces of the United States of America!

Rene Dupree put Mark Jindrak in a side headlock and Mark powered Rene into the corner and Rene ran up the ropes, thinking he could hold onto Mark but Mark gave Rene Dupree a back suplex down to the mat.

The finish:

Garrison Cade held onto Rene Dupree and then Mark Jindrak gave him a drop kick down to the mat and then Garrison pinned him to get the victory over La Resistance!

Winners - Mark Jindrak and Garrison Cade


Tommy Dreamer was shown with Shawn Michaels and he was talking to him and Maven showed up to talk to Michaels as well and next, we will talk to Shawn Michaels about the Survivor Series!


Shawn Michaels was standing by and Jim Ross said that last night was one of the most heroic efforts he has seen in 25 years. He doesn't know how much more he could have done, but does he have anything he'd like to say about Survivor Series? Shawn said that he does have something to say. Eric Bischoff showed up, saying to stop the interview. There is no need for this interview. Shawn did everything Bischoff needed him to do last night. Shawn said that since Bischoff wants to come in on his interview, he has to get something off his chest right now. He and Steve have never been friends, but over the past couple months, they've talked. They approach things differently and the one thing they have in common is that they love this job. To Bischoff, it's a business and this job is what brought peace to the Stone Cold heart and Bischoff took that away from him. Bischoff told Shawn to stop and think about the truth, just for a moment. Eric said that he didn't get lose last night, Shawn Michaels did. That is the real truth, so Shawn is coming out here pointing his fingers at Bischoff; Bischoff has a suggestion for Shawn... go home and look in the mirror because the man you're looking at is the man you have to blame. Bischoff then told Shawn that he's done because Bischoff has business to attend to and he doesn't have anything for Shawn tonight. Eric then told security to escort Shawn Michaels from the building.

Update on Shane McMahon:

Shane McMahon is still under medical care in guarded condition and we expect that Shane will be released later this week from this medical care. Jerry Lawler gave us a big update and that's that Kane will be appearing on this Thursday night's Smackdown! for the Undertaker's Eulogy along side Vince McMahon.


Test and Scott Steiner were shown with Stacy Keibler and Test told Steiner that it was a good job in getting them a shot at the tag team titles. Scott told Test that it was his favor that he got from Bischoff, but if they're going to be a tag team, no stipulations or anything, they start fresh. Test agreed and they both agreed that if they walk out as the new Tag Team Champions, Stacy will do what she's told. Stacy started drinking water and Test slapped it out of her hand, saying "isn't that right, Stacy?" Stacy reluctantly said that she'll do whatever they want.


Rob Van Dam was shown warming up for his match against Ric Flair and that's for the Intercontinental Championship!

Intercontinental Championship Match
Referee: Chad Patton
Ric Flair vs. Rob Van Dam (c)

Rob Van Dam made his way out to the ring and this is a one on one match with the Intercontinental Championship on the line with Rob Van Dam defending the title against Ric Flair. The referee informed Rob Van Dam that Eric Bischoff said the five star frog splash has been banned for this match; it's an illegal move. Randy Orton accompanied his fellow Evolution but instead of going to ringside, Orton joined Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler for commentary.

The start:

Ric Flair gave Rob Van Dam a shot to the face and then he backed him into the corner and chopped away on him to start it off.

Mid-match notes:

Rob Van Dam hopped to the top rope and Ric Flair got up and shoved RVD down to the outside of the ring. Flair then got out of the ring and grabbed RVD by the hair and whipped him into the steel steps.

Ric Flair put Rob Van Dam in the figure four leg lock and after being in the figure four for a short period of time, Rob Van Dam turned it over and broke the hold.

RVD knocked Ric Flair down with a super kick and then he went to the top rope and came off with a kick to the chest of Ric Flair. RVD then hit Flair with the rolling thunder and Randy Orton got up out of his seat and came down to the ringside area. Orton hopped to the ring apron and RVD knocked him down and then Ric Flair gave RVD a low blow behind the referee's back. Ric Flair then pinned Rob Van Dam but only got a two count.

The finish:

RVD knocked Flair down to the mat and then he hopped to the top rope and did his RVD pose and then Randy Orton got in the ring and knocked Rob Van Dam down and then gave him the RKO from the ropes to end the match in a disqualification.

Winner by DQ and still Intercontinental Champion, Rob Van Dam

The Aftermath:

Randy Orton grabbed the Intercontinental Title and he took a look at it and he seemed to like what he saw in the belt. Orton then put the belt around his waist to test it out and then he dropped it on RVD's chest.


The Coach was shown walking through the backstage area and he walked past the Hurricane and Rosey. Coach told them that this whole SHIT thing they have going on is never gonna fly. Coach then went on his way and laughed. Coach went into Bischoff's office and Bischoff told him that he needs him to do a favor. He needs him to spread the word because Bischoff has a big surprise for next week. Next week's RAW comes from Salt Lake City, Utah and that's the single most boring city on the face of the earth so Eric Bischoff is going to bring, for the first time in 12 months, RAW Roulette to Salt Lake City! Coach got pumped up because the last time we had RAW Roulette, there were showgirls and everything. Coach left, telling Bischoff that he's brilliant!

The Highlight Reel:

Chris Jericho's music hit in the arena and he made his way out to the ring for the return of the Highlight Reel! Chris said that it's not his fault that Steve Austin was in way over his head as the Co General Manager of RAW and it's not his fault that Austin was a bully and an overall failure but it is Chris Jericho's fault that Austin is gone. Even though Randy Orton was the sole survivor, it was Jericho's protesting and everything that sealed Austin's fate for good. So if you're happy that Chris Jericho cost Steve Austin his job, give him a hell yeah! The fans in the arena all booed and Chris told them that they can react any way they want; he doesn't care what they think anyway. The bottom line is that Austin is gone! And last night, while one man's career ended, another woman's dream was shattered. So please welcome his guest tonight; Lita!

Lita's music hit in the arena and she got in the ring with Chris Jericho and Chris said that it sounds like they love Lita here in Texas. But he just wanted to tell her that he feels so bad for her. She came so close. She had neck surgery and was out for over a year. She made her big comeback and came within a hair of achieving her dream of becoming the Women's Champion, only to lose. Lita told Chris that if he called her out to tell her something that she doesn't already know, then go for it because she didn't come out here to be insulted by a jackass like Chris Jericho. Chris told Lita that she has the wrong idea. He really feels bad for her. He knows how down in the dumps she is, but he knows someone in the back who can bring her up. Lita said that if he's talking about Christian, that is the last person she wants to see right now. Chris pointed out that he's not talking about Christian. He's talking about someone she's quite fond of. He's talking about someone who's contract just expired on Smackdown!, he's talking about someone who's making his return to Monday Night RAW, he's talking about Matt Hardy!

Matt Hardy's music hit in the arena and he made his way out and Lita had a huge smile on her face as he got in the ring and hugged her. Matt kissed Lita and then he took the mic and thanked them because it's good to be here. The fans heavily chanted "Hardy, Hardy" and Matt said there's something he needs to ask Lita and it's a real simple question. Matt told her to take his hand and he said it's something that he's been meaning to ask her for a real long time now. Matt got down on one knee and said "Lita..." Molly Holly's music then hit to interrupt and she came out and said that she has a question of her own. What does she have to do to get some respect around here? She's the Women's Champion and she defeated Lita at Survivor Series, but surprise, surprise, everything still revolves around Lita. They're unbelievable and they make her sick. Chris Jericho told Molly that it sounds like there's a little animosity between the two of them but let's use that as a positive. Chris said that he's not in charge of making matches, but there's a match he'd like to see; the happy couple, Matt Hardy and Lita together again after all this time against Molly Holly and a male partner of her choice against Matt Hardy and Lita. Molly said if that's the way they want it, fine. Then tonight, it'll be Matt Hardy and Lita against Molly Holly and Eric Bischoff!


Molly was shown walking backstage and Eric Bischoff approached her, saying he's not going to approve the match. Molly said she thought he'd like it. Eric asked her if she's crazy? Molly said after what happened with he and Lita and after what he said earlier, this could be the beginning of the end of Lita. Eric laughed and finally agreed with the match. But there's a catch... if somehow Matt and Lita win, then Lita gets a rematch against Molly for the Women's Title. But if Matt and Lita lose, then Eric fires Lita and she stays fired because Stone Cold won't be around to save her.

Tag Team Championship Match
Referee: Jack Doan
Test and Scott Steiner vs. The Dudley Boyz (c)

The music of the Dudley Boyz hit in the arena and they made their way out to the ring as the World Tag Team Champions for a title defense against Test and Scott Steiner, who were accompanied to the ring by Stacy Keibler. Stacy started to get in the ring but Test stopped her and sent her to the outside of the ring.

The start:

D-Von Dudley started the match off against Test and Test gave D-Von a knee to the mid section and then he kicked him into the corner and gave him a number of back elbows to the head.

Mid-match notes:

Test grabbed a chair and placed it at ringside for Stacy to sit down in as he was none too pleased that she was cheering on the Dudley Boyz.

Test went for the pump handle slam on Bubba but Bubba got out of it and gave Test a body slam. D-Von then went to the top rope and came off with a flying headbutt into Test's groin as Bubba held onto his legs. Stacy Keibler was seen on the outside of the ring clapping for the Dudleys.

Bubba called for the table but Scott Steiner got in the ring and gave Bubba a belly to belly suplex. Scott Steiner then got out of the ring and grabbed a tag team title belt and brought it into the ring and went to hit Bubba with it but Bubba ducked it and grabbed Steiner and gave him a back suplex into a neck breaker by D-Von.

The finish:

Test called for the Championship belt from Stacy but Stacy dropped the belts and turned her head. Test turned around and went for the big boot but the Dudleys planted him with the 3D to pick up the win and retain the titles!

Winners and still Tag Team Champions, the Dudley Boyz

The Aftermath:

Stacy nervously looked on from the outside of the ring and then she left as Steiner and Test were down.


Matt and Lita were shown backstage and Lita said that she's glad he's back. Lita asked him if he has a question to ask her? Matt said yeah, but not right now. He wants the whole world to witness it. But right now, they have to worry about getting her a shot at the Women's Title. Matt went into the locker room and Trish showed up, asking Lita if he's going to propose and Lita smiled, saying she doesn't know but she hopes so!

Intergender Tag Team Match
Referee: Charles Robinson
Lita and Matt Hardy vs. Molly Holly and Eric Bischoff

During the commercial break, Molly Holly and Eric Bischoff made their way out to the ring for an Intergender Tag Team Match against Matt Hardy and Lita.

The start:

Molly Holly started it off in the ring against Lita and Lita shoved Molly and Molly attempted to fire back on Lita but Lita knocked her down to the mat with a clothesline.

The finish: Lita got ready to make the tag but Matt dropped down to the arena floor and Lita asked Matt how he could do that and Eric Bischoff grabbed Lita by the hair and pulled her down to the mat and pinned her for the three count to get the win.

Winners - Eric Bischoff and Molly Holly

The Aftermath:

Eric Bischoff told Lita to get out of the ring because she's fired. Matt Hardy then got in the ring with a mic and Matt said that she looks surprised, why? Does she want to know the question he was going to ask her? Well here it is; how could she be so selfish! Lita broke her neck and the only thing she had to do was come join the lonely Matt Hardy on Smackdown! but no, that wasn't going to happen. She had to train, come back to RAW and win the Women's Title and she couldn't even do that right. Matt said it's obvious to him that the Women's Title is more important to her than Matt Hardy. Her career is more important than their relationship! And fine, if that's how she wants it, have it that way because as far as he's concerned, they are through! With that, Matt Hardy got out of the ring and left as Lita remained in the ring crying and remember, as stated in the stipulations in the match that just took place, Lita is fired!

During the Break:

Lita left the ring with tears in her eyes after what Matt Hardy did to her; breaking up with her and costing her a job as a wrestler at the same time.

Referee: Chad Patton
Val Venis vs. Rico

Val Venis and Lance Storm made their way out to the ring with two lovely ladies and this is a one on one match with Val Venis against Rico, who was accompanied to the ring by Miss Jackie.

The start:

Rico and Val Venis locked it up in the center of the ring and Val put Rico in a side headlock and then Rico grabbed Val's ass to charge him into the ropes and then Val came back with a shoulder block to knock Rico down to the mat.

Mid-match notes:

Rico started feeling Val up in the corner and Val fired out of the corner with some hard right hands on Rico.

Val Venis gave Rico a back suplex into a power bomb and a pin for a two count.

Rico gave Val Venis a unique neck breaker and then he pinned Val but only got a two count.

Val Venis gave Rico a number of right hands on the mat and then he went to the top rope for the Money Shot but Jackie hopped up to the apron to slow him down. Val knocked Jackie down to the ground and then Rico climbed up the ropes with Val.

The finish:

Rico looked down at Jackie as she got up in front of Lance and then Val shoved Rico down to the mat and gave him the Money Shot and the pin for the three count to get the victory.

Winner - Val Venis

The Aftermath:

Lance Storm got in the ring with the two lovely ladies and the three danced with Val Venis.


Lita was shown backstage and she was leaving the arena with her bags and her dog and she seemed to be dropping things as she was walking through the hallway. Christian approached her, asking where she's going? Lita told him that she's leaving because she has no boyfriend and no job. She's fired. Christian told Lita that she doesn't have to go anywhere because she's not fired. He got her job back for her. He used the favor from Bischoff to get her rehired. Lita thanked him and Christian picked up her bags and the two went on their way to go talk. Lita said that it sounds good and the two left together.


Evolution were shown backstage and Orton said he just got done talking to Bischoff. He cashed in his little favor and at the next pay per view, it's Randy Orton vs. Rob Van Dam for the Intercontinental Title. Orton went over a list of guys who have held the Intercontinental Title and he mentioned the Honky Tonk Man and Triple H didn't seem too pleased but Orton mentioned Triple H to make up for it. Triple H said that's all cool but concentrate on tonight. They have to take Goldberg out. Triple H asked a favor of Evolution, they can do anything they want but don't pin him because that's reserved for Triple H.


Chris Jericho was shown backstage and he caught up with Trish Stratus and asked her out to dinner. Trish asked Chris to explain something to her. Why did she just see her friend get her heart broken? He and Matt set that up. Chris asked her what she's talking about? Trish said that she's disgusted and the Chris she's watching, she doesn't want to get to know. Chris told Trish that he had nothing to do with that. He wouldn't disrespect Lita like that because they're friends. He doesn't want to do that. How much fun did they have last week when they went out? How much fun do they have when they talk? There's a connection between them and he doesn't want to jeopardize that for anything. Chris told Trish that he can't stop thinking about her, no matter what he does. And he doesn't want that to stop. Chris Jericho and Trish Stratus then started kissing and then we cut back to the arena after a moment of silence.

Handicap Match
Non Title Match
Referee: Michael Chioda
Evolution vs. Goldberg (c)

Evolution's music hit in the arena and the four made their way out to the ring and this is a three on one handicap match with Evolution against Goldberg.

The start:

Randy Orton started the match off in the ring against Bill Goldberg and the two locked it up in the center of the ring and Goldberg shoved Orton against the ropes. Orton then kicked Goldberg in the gut and put him in a side headlock and Goldberg whipped him off the ropes and knocked him down with a hard shoulder block.

Mid-match notes:

Goldberg gave Randy Orton a military press to the outside of the ring and Batista and Triple H were there to catch him and Goldberg got out of the ring and knocked them down and then he pulled Orton back into the ring.

Goldberg gave Batista a power slam down to the mat and then he pinned him for a two count as Triple H got in the ring and broke up the pin.

Goldberg went to the corner and went for the spear on Triple H but Ric Flair tripped Goldberg and then Triple H charged through Goldberg with a high knee to knock him down to the mat.

Goldberg nailed Triple H with the spear and then he knocked Orton and Batista down with a series of clotheslines to take care of them.

Goldberg then set up for the jackhammer on Triple H but Randy Orton got in the ring and stopped him from doing so.

Triple H gave Goldberg a face buster and then Randy Orton planted him with the RKO and immediately made the tag to Batista. Batista then got in the ring and gave Batista the power bomb and then he made the tag to Triple H.

The finish:

Triple H then gave Goldberg the Pedigree and then he pinned him for the three count to get the win.

Winners - Evolution

The Aftermath:

Batista and Orton grabbed Goldberg and Triple H grabbed the mic and said that if Goldberg thinks this is over, it's not... not until he says it is. Next week, he cashes in his chips. Next week, it's he and Goldberg one on one for the World Heavyweight Championship live on RAW. And as for tonight, if he thinks it's over, wrong again. Triple H then started to put the chair on Goldberg's head and then Kane's pyro went off and he made his way out to the ring. Evolution backed off and Kane scared them right out of the ring and then Kane grabbed Goldberg by the throat and planted him with a choke slam to leave him laying in the ring as the show went off the air!

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