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'I love to stay home & cook & clean house'
If she doesn't knock you out with her looks, she can floor you with a right to the jaw!
She's Sable -- the World Wrestling Federation's women's champion whose looks rival those of international supermodels.
The versatile vixen recently posed for the April issue of Playboy. But she's equally at home in the wrestling ring or in the kitchen -- where she enjoys cooking up a storm.
"At heart, I'm just a home-loving girl," she confides. "When I'm not wrestling, I'm very domesticated. I love to stay home and cook and clean house."
But don't let that fool you. She really knows how to mix it up in the ring -- where she's strained her back, neck and ribs and broke her toe in three places.
In a no-holds-barred exclusive ENQUIRER interview, Sable revealed how she keeps her knockout 38-24-35 figure despite a passion for Dunkin' Donuts . . . the reason she posed for Playboy . . . why she had plastic surgery on an already perfect body . . . and how she went from a lingerie model to one of pro wrestling's hottest stars.
The blonde bombshell grew up with three brothers and two sisters in Jacksonville, Fla. -- where she still lives. Her dad was a construction worker. "We were like the Brady Bunch," she says with a smile. OUT OF THE RING: Sable enjoys hot wheels, but watch for dangerous curves -- hers.
"I was a kind of bad girl in school, so I wasn't voted most likely to succeed. I hung around with the crowd that skipped school and sneaked out of the house at night. But I never got into trouble. I was never arrested."
After high school, she made her mark as a model -- doing ads for Pepsi and Guess? jeans as well as swimsuits and lingerie. Three years ago, she began grappling with a whole new career -- at the World Wrestling Federation, which threw out her real name Rena and dubbed her Sable.
"I was hired as a valet to escort the guys into the ring." Then a year ago, she started wrestling. "I've always been very athletic, so it was fairly easy for me to pick it up," she said.
Soon she established herself in the ring, not just for her ability -- but also for the skimpy outfits that made couch potatoes sprout new eyes. The 5-foot-61/2 beauty tips the scales at only 115 pounds. She works hard to stay in shape - - and to overcome her devotion to donuts. IN THE RING, Sable shows her great figure is packed full of muscle as she takes an opponent for a spin.
"I work out five days a week. I train for two hours at a time -- 11/2 hours of weights and then a half-hour of aerobic activity on a treadmill or StairMaster.
"I'm very active. I roller-blade, ride my bikes, swim and ride horses. I also ride motorcycles and jet-ski and water- ski.
"I try to stay on a very strict diet, which is low-fat and high protein. But I love to splurge. I love pasta with lots of cream sauces. But my number one splurge food is Dunkin' Donuts. I can easily eat a dozen at a time."
Even though she had an extraordinary figure, three years ago Sable underwent plastic surgery on her breasts. "They weren't particularly small, but I wanted them enlarged so I'd look better. I'm extremely pleased with the results."
Sable -- who'll only admit she's under 30 -- realizes her beauty will fade and is thrilled that Playboy has decided to picture her in her prime.
"I've worked hard for the body I have -- so I am going to use it while I have it. Playboy gave me a wonderful opportunity to show off my body in a very classy way."
A whirlwind of energy, Sable travels the globe about 250 days a year but when she returns home, she's a domestic goddess for her husband, wrestler Marc Mero, and her young daughter.
"I grew up in the South, so I love to cook things like buttermilk biscuits and country fried steak. I love to bake cakes and pies and breads. For Christmas I had more than 50 family and friends. They all came to my house and I cooked dinner for everyone.
"I have a great life."
Article by -- PHILIP SMITH

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