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SummerSlam 1988
Date-?? 1988

Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage beat Andre the Giant and Ted DiBiase.
The Ultimate Warrior beat the Honky Tonk Man for the Intercontinental Title
Demolition beat the Hart Foundation.
The Powers of Pain beat the Bolsheviks.
The Fabulous Rougeaus and the British Bulldogs wrestled to a time limit draw.
Dino Bravo beat Don Muraco.
The Big Boss Man beat Koko B. Ware.
Rick Rude beat the Junkyard Dog by DQ.
Jake "The Snake" Roberts" beat Hercules.

SummerSlam 1989
Date-?? 1989

The Brain Busters beat the Hart Foundation
Dusty Rhodes beat the Honky Tonk Man.
Mr Perfect beat the Red Rooster.
The Fabulous Rougeaus and Rick Martel beat the Rockers and Tito Santana .
The Ultimate Warrior beat Rick Rude to win the Intercontinental Title.
Demolition and Hacksaw Jim Duggan beat the Twin Towers and Andre the Giant.
Hercules beat Greg Valentine.
Ted DiBiase beat Jimmy Snuka by countout.
Hulk Hogan and Brutus Beefcake beat Randy Savage and Zeus

SummerSlam 1990
Date-?? 1990

Power and Glory beat the Rockers.
The Texas Tornado beat Mr. Perfect for the Intercontinental Title.
The Hart Foundation beat Demolition for the Tag Team Title
Sensational Sherri beat Sapphire by default
Jake Roberts beat Bad News Brown by DQ.
The Macho King beat Dusty Rhodes.
Hacksaw Jim Duggan and Nikolai Volkoff beat the Orient Express.
The Warlord beat Tito Santana.
Hulk Hogan beat Earthquake by countout in his return match.
The Ultimate Warrior beat Rick Rude in a Steel Cage Match

SummerSlam 1991
Date-?? 1991

British Bulldog, T.Tornado and R.Steamboat beat the Warlord and Power & Glory.
Bret Hart beat Mr. Perfect for the Intercontenintal title
The Legion of Doom beat the Nasty Boys for the Tag Team Title.
The Big Boss Man beat the Mountie in a Loser Goes To Jail match
Iwrin R. Shyster beat Greg Valentine.
The Natural Disasters beat the Bushwhackers.
Virgil beat Ted DiBiase for the Million Dollar Belt.
Hulk Hogan and Ultimate Warrior beat Sgt.Slaughter, Gen.Adnan, Col.Mustafa

SummerSlam 1992
Date-?? 1992

The Legion of Doom beat Money Inc.
Nailz beat Virgil
Shawn Michaels and Rick Martel fought to a double countout
The Natural Disasters beat The Beverly Brothers
Crush beat the Repo Man
The Ultimate Warrior beat Randy Savage by count-out
The Undertaker beat Kamala by DQ
The British Bulldog beat Bret Hart for the Intercontinental Title

SummerSlam 1993
Date-?? 1993

Razor Ramon beat Ted DiBiase
The Steiner Brothers beat the Heavenly Bodies
Shawn Michaels over Mr. Perfect by count-out
IRS beat the 1-2-3 Kid.
Bret Hart beat Doink
Bret Hart beat Jerry "The King" Lawler
Ludvig Borga beat Marty Jannetty.
The Undertaker beat the Giant Gonzalez
Tatanka & The Smoking Gunns beat Bam Bam Bigelow & The Headshrinkers.
Lex Luger beat Yokozuna by countout.

SummerSlam 1994
Date-?? 1994

Bam Bam Bigelow & IRS beat the Headshrinkers by disqualification.
Alundra Blayze beat Bull Nakano to keep the WWF Women's Title.
Razor Ramon beat Diesel for the Intercontinental Title.
Tatanka beat Lex Luger.
Jeff Jarrett beat Mabel.
Bret Hart beat Owen Hart in a Steel Cage Match to keep the WWF Championship.
Paul Bearer's Undertaker (The Real UT) beat Fake Undertaker (Brian Lee).

SummerSlam 1995
Date-?? 1995

Hakushi beat the 123 Kid.
Hunter Hearst Helmsley beat Bob Holly.
The Smoking Gunns beat The Blu Brothers.
Barry Horowitz beat Skip
Bertha Faye beat Alundra Blayze to win the WWF Women's Title.
The Undertaker beat Kama in a Casket Match.
Bret Hart beat Isaac Yanekm by DQ
Shawn Michaels beat Razor Ramon in a Ladder Match
Diesel beat King Mabel

SummerSlam 1996
Date-?? 1996

Steve Austin beat Yokozuna
Owen Hart beat Savio Vega via submission
The Smoking Gunns beat Bodydonnas, Godwinns, New Rockers
Sid beat The British Bulldog
Jerry Lawler beat Jake "The Snake" Roberts
Mankind beat the Undertaker in the Boiler Room Brawl
Shawn Michaels beat Vader

SummerSlam 1997
Date-?? 1997

Mankind beat Hunter Hearst Helmsley in a cage match
Goldust beat Brian Pillman
The Legion Of Doom beat the Godwinns
Ken Shamrock and The British Bulldog went to a no contest
Los Boriquas beat the Disciples Of Apacolypse
Stone Cold Steve Austin beat Owen Hart to win the WWF IC Title
Bret Hart beat The Undertaker to win the WWF Championship

SummerSlam 1998
Date-?? 1998

WWF European Champ D-Lo Brown defeated Val Venis.
Kurrgan, Golga, & Giant Silva defeated Taka Michinoku, Mens Teioh, Shoichi Funaki, & Dick Togo in a "Handicap" match.
X-Pac defeated Jeff Jarrett in a "Hair vs. Hair" match. Ken Shamrock defeated Owen Hart in a "Lion's Den" match.
The New Age Outlaws defeated Mankind in a "Handicap Falls Count Anywhere" match to win the WWF Tag Title.
Hunter Hearst Helmsley defeated Rocky Maivia in a "Ladder" match to win the WWF I-C Title.
WWF World Champ Steve Austin defeated The Undertaker.

SummerSlam 1999
Date-Ausust 22, 1999
Place-Minneapolis, MN

Jeff Jarrett defeated D-Lo Brown (w/Debra), to capture the Intercontinental and European Title.
Tag Team Turmoil Match: Winners- The Acolytes [Receive Tag Team Title shots]
Al Snow defeated The Big Bossman via Pinfall, to capture the Hardcore Title.
Ivory defeated Tori via Pinfall, to retain the Women's Title.
Lion's Den Weapons Match: Ken Shamrock defeated Steve Blackman.
Greenwich Street Fight-Love Her or Leave Her Match: Test defeated Shane McMahon with an Elbow Drop.
The Big Show and The Undertaker (w/Paul Bearer) defeated Kane and X-Pac with The Undertaker's Tombstone, to capture the Tag Team Titles.
Kiss My Ass Match: The Rock defeated Mr. Ass with the People's Elbow.
Triple Threat Match: Mankind pins Steve Austin to become the new WWF champion. Guest Referee-The "Body"